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Proper use of venoms

A long row of Venoms can carry the Beam Cannon's beam all the way across the battlefield.

The Beam Cannon was the Brotherhood of Nod's advanced energy-based artillery platform in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The Beam Cannon was a powerful particle beam emitter mounted on a versatile six-wheel chassis, giving the vehicle a high degree of mobility. As a long-range artillery vehicle, the Beam Cannon sacrificed heavy armor in favor of mobility and cost-effectiveness, so commanders would need to position it behind their own lines.

The Beam Cannon was highly effective against vehicles and structures, especially when in groups, as well as being reasonably effective against infantry. The Beam Cannon had four unique properties. Firstly, it could be used to supercharge Obelisks of Light, increasing their rate of fire, attack range, and vision range (up to maximum of four Beam Cannons per Obelisk). Secondly, the Beam Cannon could extend their effective range by reflecting its laser beam off mirrors which were mounted on the underside of Venom Patrol Craft, while also allowing Beam Cannons to attack aircraft. Thirdly, the Beam Cannon's weapon could be commandeered by Nod Avatars in order to act as a secondary laser. Fourthly, multiple Beam Cannons firing at the same target could combine their beams in order to produce a single beam with firepower greater than the sum of its parts. This powerful beam was especially strong against heavily armored structures and vehicles, such as Mammoth Tanks.

Compared to the Specter artillery with which the Beam Cannon shared a similar battlefield role, the Beam Cannon offered higher firepower for less cost and required less advanced technology. The Beam Cannon was also more effective against moving targets, since it fired a laser beam directly at its target instead of using artillery shells which take time to hit their targets. Their versatility also come at the fact that they reinforce the Obelisk killing power. However, the Beam Cannon lacks the Specter's stealth ability and splash damage. Moreover, the beam cannon would be at a full disadvantage on dealing with a complete set of fortification top hill; they require a fragile-to-antiaircraft-defence Venom to shoot.

Beam Cannons close together will combine their beams into one powerful beam that is more powerful than if they were firing individually. The formula for mass Beam Cannon damage per second is (150)×n^2, where n is the number of Beam Cannons merging their beams together.

The Beam Cannon was not seen in the Ascension Conflict, although its design elements may have been used in the new AT-20 Scorpion tank.


The beam cannon is available in the nod Sarajevo mission.


CNCTW Nod Call for Transport Cameo
Call for transport If an Air Tower is deployed, Beam Cannons can call in a Carryall transport for pickup for a small fee of $200. This ability has a 2:00 cooldown. However, it is not available to Black Hand. (Ctrl + D.)
CNCTW Charge Defenses Cameo
Charge Defenses Beam Cannons can provide Obelisks with additional firepower by charging them. Up to 4 Beam Cannons can charge an Obelisk at any one time; each one boosts the Obelisk's rate of fire, vision range, and firing range by 10%. This ability has a 0:20 cooldown once the Beam Cannons stop charging an Obelisk (Ctrl+A).
CNCTW Signature Generators Active Cameo
Reflector Beam Nearby Beam Cannons can bounce their beams off of Venoms to hit distant targets. The Venoms must be stationary and the Beam Cannons must be within range of a Venom of which to reflect their beams off. The Reflector Beam also allows Beam Cannons to target enemy aircraft (Ctrl+S).



When created[]

  • Beam cannon ready for engagement!

When selected[]

  • Optics cleared!
  • Beam cannon online!
  • Luminators primed!
  • Calibrated for high intensity!
  • Systems functioning!
  • Tests complete!

When moving[]

  • Objective verified!
  • Input the coordinates!
  • Destination set!
  • Lenses secure!
  • Adjusting for new coordinates!
  • Beam Cannon in transit!

When ordered to attack[]

  • Enemy unit confirmed!
  • Moving to engage!
  • Charging accelerators!
  • Mobilizing for new target!

When attacking[]

  • Neutralize 'em!
  • Focusing light array!
  • Activate weapon systems!
  • Directing energy beam...
  • Fire!

When ordered to charge an Obelisk[]

  • Initiating overcharge!
  • Charge the base defense!
  • Supplying additional power!

When ordered to use a reflector beam[]

  • Establishing relay!
  • Forwarding target data!
  • Set for weapon assist!
  • Transmitting to Venom craft!
  • Adjusting lens position!

In combat[]

  • Readjusting!
  • Maintaining target focus.
  • Tracking for termination!
  • Target's in line!
  • Feedback pulse confirmed!

When retreating[]

  • System compromised! We're going back!
  • Returning for recalibration!



  • There is some confusion as to the Beam Cannon's armament is particle beam or laser weapon. One of the known examples is when the Avatar destroys the Beam Cannon to upgrade itself, it gains a left wrist-mounted gun called the "Additional Laser", while the Beam Cannon's armament is called the "particle beam cannon". Another known example is that the Beam Cannon can charge the Obelisk of Light to enhance its laser beam although the Beam Cannon's armament is particle-based.

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