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Beginning of fhe End is the first mission of the GDI campaign of Tiberian Twilight.[1] This mission, and the following two missions, serve as the tutorial for the game.


The Tiberium Control Network was nearing completion but the political climate was tenuous given the alliance between Nod and GDI, and Gideon's propaganda was convincing many to flock to the Separatists. Commander Parker has just recovered from an injury suffered during the Incursion War thanks to an optical implant and is assigned to the GDI GST Tzadik. Colonel James, the commanding officer of the First Fleet assigns him to protect a VIP Transport.


Sgt. Nash first briefs the commander on what to do on the battlefield. The commander first starts with a Tier 1 GDI Offense Crawler. He then has to build up some Wolf autocannon tanks as an escort force. After destroying an obstacle, the commander's force can then rendez-vouz with the transport before moving off.


The VIP of the transport then introduces himself which happens to be Kane! The force, together with the transport then move towards the end of the map. Along the way, the convoy runs into minor resistance from the Separatists. They consist of Venoms, Scorpion and Stealth tanks and light infantry. The resistance attacks the transport first. Fortunately, the transport has a shield to protect itself, allowing the GDI escorts to safely eliminate the raiders.


The convoy then meet with a blockade comprising 3 Obelisk of Light emplacements and a handful of infantry. The commander is then authorised to use the Shockwave to attack the Obelisks. After clearing the blockade, the GDI aircraft arrived on the scene, and the Transport enters New Adana safely.


GDI escorted Kane to safety, who walked away without thanking them.


A Proposition...
Welcome Back, Commander


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