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Behind the Iron Curtain is a side challenge in Commander's Challenge. This unlocks one of two Soviet super weapons, naming itself: the Iron Curtain. It's Oleg's turn to defeat the Futuretech Commander as Kelly Weaver says to the player that Oleg Vodnik has got four more challenges against him. This is the twenty-third mission between its previous one, The Omega Program and also the next mission, King of the Monsters.


FutureTech had sent some Engineers to find out what's going on with the Iron Curtain, but unfortunately, the Soviets under Oleg Vodnik had discovered them after capturing one of these weapons. The Futuretech Commander, who was briefed by Kelly Weaver was sent to the Soviet Union to take out Oleg's forces and steal the weapon from him. The Commander had one of four Iron Curtains to use on his base against the Soviets and he quickly destroyed Oleg's three bases. With him defeated, FutureTech ordered the Engineers' evacuation and they returned to The Netherlands safe within their own hands from some Soviet imprisonment in Moscow.

Strategies and Notes[]

  • These properties from the Skirmish mode of Crimson Tide apply in this challenge:
    • Each commander has an Iron Curtain, 1 Super reactor, 2 flak cannons and 2 tesla coils (regardless of chosen faction) built in the small islands at the start of the game.
    • All land structures and vehicles (including grounded aircraft) within the base areas are constantly affected by the Iron Curtain's effects until that base's corresponding initial Iron Curtain is destroyed, sold or captured by an enemy engineer. If said units are present in the base but then leave the area, venture into water (in the case of amphibious units), take off into the sky (in the case of grounded aircrafts) or transform into aircraft forms, the Iron Curtain's effects on those units will graudally wear off.
  • Oleg will send Stingrays and Twinblades to destroy the player's Iron Curtain, so fortifying it with additional defenses is advisable.
  • Besides Stingrays and Twinblades, Oleg will also build Reapers to primarily defend his base and MiG fighters should the player use aircraft.
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