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The Allied base in this region is proving to be problematic. Your mission is to take it out so that we can begin to move forces through this area. As long as they have communications they will be able to call upon heavy reinforcements. Crush their communications, and they should be easier to remove.
- Mission briefing

Behind the Lines is the fourth Soviet mission in Red Alert 1.


Following the death of an Allied spy at Lund in Sweden , Nadia turned to the Commander for a job well done. The Soviet forces were preparing an assault on Germany, but the Allies were also aware of the impending attack. Nadia tasked the Commander to take some men behind enemy lines and disrupt Allied communications so that the Soviets can attack Berlin with the element of surprise.


The best way on winning this mission is with tons of Yaks and heavy tanks. Use V2s to destroy the Allied defenses from a safe distance then send in Yaks to kill the infantry and use the heavy tanks to take on the vastly inferior light tanks and the somewhat inferior medium tanks. Once all the enemy units and structures are destroyed the mission is a win.


The Commander's successful efforts meant that Berlin fell just in time for Stalin's success in capturing the whole of Germany. The next mission takes place on an island, near Greece.


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