The military parade passing Tianamen Square
The military parade passing Tianamen Square

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People's Republic of China

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The Dragon Awakes

Beijing (北京) is the capital city of the People's Republic of China. Located in the north of the country, near a section of the famous Great Wall, this metropolis of more than 11 million people is China's second largest city and one of the "Four Great Ancient Capitals of China". It is the political, cultural and educational center of the country, and is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples and huge stone walls and gates.

In the early days of the GLA War, a military parade in the center of Beijing was ambushed by a GLA suicide bomber. Armed with a low-yield nuclear weapon inside a civilian truck, the suicide bomber caused great devastation in the city. The attack shocked China and the world. A lightning PLA offensive on the outskirts of the city drove the GLA out of the area and destroyed a GLA-held nuclear bunker. A full detail of the event is seen below.

The Dragon Awakes

In early 2013, the PLA held a military parade through the city while in an alleyway, a suicide bomber from a terrorist organization launched an attack on the parade, causing heavy Chinese casualties. As the car bombing ended, it was followed up by an ambush of GLA fighters. Although the sheer firepower of the Chinese forces present almost defeated the GLA assault, a civilian truck hurtled through the now-broken parade at full speed. Moments later, the truck exploded in a massive mushroom cloud, destroying the Chinese forces, much of Beijing, and what was left of the GLA soldiers.

The Chinese government and army was understandably angry at the destruction of their capital by such an audacious terrorist act. They ordered their present commander and all available soldiers to launch an immediate attack to a GLA-controlled nuclear storage facility at Beijing's outskirts. If their nuclear arsenal was to be used against themselves by a terrorist faction, the Chinese authorities deemed its destruction to be a necessity.

The Chinese counterattack was immediate and ferocious. The Chinese forces initiated a drubbing of the GLA presence on the ashes of their capital city, finding many survivors of the nuclear attack among the wreckage. When the ruins of Beijing was cleared of GLA fighters, the Chinese army moved to the outskirts of the city to destroy the nuclear storage facility. As they reached the bridge, they were ordered to stop; there was an impending MiG air strike. After the air strike demolished an approaching GLA armored column, the Chinese forces pushed on, destroying without mercy the GLA presence as they moved on. At last, when the last GLA soldier died, the nuclear bunker was in their sights. It was subsequently destroyed, denying the GLA the use of Chinese nuclear weaponry to attack the Chinese people and their country.

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