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CNCR NodLogo.png The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Dawn and might contradict canon.
GDI is developing a new, heavily armored tank. Our spies have located the GDI R&D base. Use your small strike force to locate and penetrate the center. Be sure to destroy the tanks in the base and the factory.
- Mission briefing

Belly of the Beast is one of the choices for the tenth Nod mission in Nod mission in Tiberian Dawn.[1]


GDI had not only been working on their new Ion Cannon, they had also been working on more terrestrial weapons. Within a weapons factory near Mzuzu in Tanzania, GDI engineers and scientists were working upon the new Mammoth tank. With the help of these weapons they hoped to be able to push back Nod forces and halt their southwards offensive in Africa. However with only a single production facility and a few working prototypes the rapid Nod advance suddenly rendered their Mammoth tank rather vulnerable just as it approached completion.


Kane knowing the power that the Mammoth tank had did not wish Nod forces to face these new weapons. He carefully assembled a small elite team of soldiers including a Commando and placed it under the command of one of his most talented commanders, perhaps even the Nod Commander himself.

Using stealth and surprise they managed to sneak there way into the facility and finding the location of the Mammoth tank factory they totally obliterated it. They also at the same time destroyed all the working prototypes of the weapon that they could find within the area. Having done so the surviving soldiers immediately fled, whether successfully or otherwise and left more conventional forces to conquer Tanzania.


Nod advances further into southern Africa

The tanks and the factory were destroyed, dealing a major blow to GDI's military power in Africa. Without being obstructed by Mammoth tank, the Nod advance into Tanzania and Angola continued unchecked into Namibia and Mozambique.

However things were not as bad for the GDI as they first appeared. The GDI had not been so foolish as not to have a completed copy of the Mammoth tank plans kept somewhere else. As a result it did not take them long to build new factories elsewhere in Africa and beyond, and they began to deploy them around the time that Nod forces reached Namibia and Mozambique.


The commando and the rocket soldiers are required to destroy both the factory and the mammoth tanks so don't lose them. Sneak past GDI patrols, then get the artillery to destroy the guard towers and finally destroy the tanks and the factory.


Rocket soldier destroying a tank (mission accomplished cinematic)
NOD 10B - Belly Of The Beast


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