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Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Betrayal is the title of an animatic for Generals 2, given to the twelfth in its sequence. It is one of the nine animatics publicly released by CnCSaga in 2014.[1]


Agembe is leading his tanks through a field. He spots a group of approaching vehicles in the distance of what appears to be friendly EU tanks. However, it turns out the tanks were coloured black and hostile. One of the black tanks opens fire and kills Agembe's subordinate Burke. Agembe believes he may have been betrayed, and orders his unit to engage.



G2 Logo EU.png Agembe: Burke! What is that dust cloud heading our way?
G2 Logo EU.png Burke: My word, those are EU tanks! The reinforcements have arrived sir.
G2 Logo EU.png Agembe: Await confirmation of intent, Burke.
G2 Logo EU.png Burke: Approaching now.
Burke moves towards the approaching black tanks.
G2 Logo EU.png Burke: Gentlemen, are we ever so glad you've-... Sir, the tanks! They're black! They've opened fire! Repeat! They've opened-
Burke's tank is shot and destroyed.
G2 Logo EU.png Agembe: Burke! Come in! Burke!
Agembe clenches his fist.
G2 Logo EU.png Agembe: Men, we have been betrayed. Ready your weapons! If it's not ours, kill it!


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