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War-torn Białystok, once a happy farming town for peace-loving peasants. Today, a slaughterhouse. Yet one more casualty in the insane GDI assault against mankind. Yet another in a series of villages wiped off the Earth by the Global Defense Initiative and its misguided leader, General Mark Sheppard. And what crime did Białystok commit to warrant such carnage? Sources indicate that GDI terrorists were convinced this simple hamlet was involved in the manufacturing and shipping of Tiberium.
- Greg Burdette[1]

The Białystok scandal was a major incident during the First Tiberium War. During the event, GDI was accused of committing war crimes, notably the slaughter of Białystok.


GDI news

Sheppard at a GDI press conference.

It's a lie, all of it. GDI wouldn't slaughter children.
- Mark Jamison Sheppard

The scandal began with worldwide news reports by WWN reporter Greg Burdette. In a live report, Burdette was seen in the ruined Białystok. Burdette accused GDI and its Commander Mark Jamison Sheppard of committing a massacre of the town for Tiberium smuggling. The report caused a global outrage. As a result, the United Nations cut the financial support from GDI while they conducted an inquiry. General Sheppard made a public appearance trying to dismiss those claims.[2]

In truth, the report was part of a plan by Kane to undermine GDI's support and financial backing and the report itself was recorded in a green screen room.[1]

Although Kane's plan appeared to succeed, the United Nations Security Council was already convinced of GDI's innocence in the scandal, and intentionally played along in the media to lull Nod into a false sense of security. The UN sanctions were quickly revoked.[3]


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