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RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
In order to complete our Psychic Beacon, we will need to capture some American technology. Lead your forces into New York and capture their Battle Lab. Then, build a Psychic Beacon to take control of the city.
- Mission briefing

Operation: Big Apple is the third mission of the Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.[1]


Comrade General. The Premier requests that you capture the pathetic capitalist shrine of New York called the World Trade Center.
- Zofia

Several American forces were sent to establish an emergency base around the World Trade Center and protect the city in the wake of a Soviet invasion. Yuri saw this as an excellent opportunity to field-test his newest invention, the Psychic beacon. He exercised his discretion and sent the up-and-coming best Soviet Commander to the city.

The strike force was composed of a Soviet MCV with four Psi-Corps troopers from Yuri. The base was established southwest of the World Trade Center garrison in Manhattan.

Force composition

The Soviets already controlled the remains of a Soviet outpost, and were able to reinforce it with an MCV. Using the base, the were able to deploy a force of infantry and armor. They deployed some newly developed units, including V3 Launchers, Flak Troopers, and Psychic Commandos.

The US had begun to regroup after early defeats and deployed a large force in New York. They had a large base around the World Trade Center, along with two smaller outposts in the city. In addition, they had numerous patrols of tanks and GIs. Furthermore, they had a large army within response distance of the city.

Key units

RA2 V3 Launcher Icons.png RA2 Flak Trooper Icons.png RA2 Psi-Corps Trooper Icons.png


The Soviet Commander was sent to New York, commanding the remains of a Soviet base in a small warehouse district with the intention to renew the Soviet assault. Scouting a nearby area, a petroleum complex was discovered and acquired for additional support. Yuri soon entrusted the Commander with a squad of Psi-Corps Troopers to assist the Commander.

Noticing the build up of the Soviet presence, the Allies constantly attempted to dislodge the Soviet positions. Conscripts garrisoned some of the structures to defend the approach while the commander strategically positioned some of the Psi-Corp troopers around the area. One Psi-Corp trooper used his powers to mind-control a civilian vehicle so as to scout the city without taking hostile fire.

Seeing how spread out the Allied outposts, patrols and checkpoints are throughout the city, the commander built up an assault force which included the new V3 Rocket Launcher. A nearby Barracks became the first target. Once the assault force was ready, the Commander had to flush out garrisoning GI soldiers and a fleet of anti-air IFV vehicles. The next target was a vehicle depot. A Tech Outpost was discovered and captured.

Soon, the Soviet assault force arrived at the perimeter of the Allied garrison base. When ready they then stormed the base around the World Trade Center. Several buildings were acquired to provide extra support, after a clean up had been conducted to secure the new stronghold. After the Allied Battle Lab was captured, the Soviets gained the technology needed to construct a Psychic Beacon in its place.

Noticing the beacon's deployment, Allied Commanders decided to rush every Soviet position in New York, using massive rushes of Grizzly Tank, Rocketeer, and IFV vehicles and US airborne. Reinforcements were paradropped to the Twin Towers' position that consisted of Flak troopers, Tesla troopers, and additional psi troopers. The battle ensued, and the Soviet Commander had to wait for five minutes for the Psychic Beacon to kick in and brainwash the whole city. With one minute to countdown, the Allies were getting desperate, taking out any lone Soviet position in the city and aggressively besieging the Soviet bases at the World Trade Center and the warehouse district. Just as the Soviets were about to crack, the deployed psychic beacon became online. Instantly, the beacon successfully "advertised" the Soviet dream to New York citizens, painting New York red in the process.


The Psychic Beacon was built so quickly that an entire American Armored division was captured by its power before they could escape.
- The mission debriefing when played faster than at par time
You have spread the power of Premier Romanov. American civilians are eagerly joining our army.
- The mission debriefing when played slower than at par time

The activation of the Psychic Beacon in New York meant American civilians became more willing to join the Soviet armies. Also, an entire American armored division was captured before it was able to escape the beacon's mind-control radius, dealing a significant blow to the US military. The American capitalist core of the Twin Towers and nearby Wall Street also acquired and delivered economical turns to the Soviets.

Premier Romanov and Yuri congratulated the Commander for his success, but then learnt of an imminent Korean invasion on Vladivostok.



  • There are 3 Oil Derricks near the abandoned Soviet base.
  • There are also scattered Tech Outposts nearby.
  • The Psi Corps can use a civilian truck to scout on the area and the Allied base without the fear of being spotted and destroyed.
  • Garrison the Twin Towers to reveal the whole area and provide two crates.


  • It is possible to fail the mission by moving any unit into the Beacon area once the Battle Lab is packed, but before the Beacon is erected. If it cannot deploy, it will count as being destroyed, and prompt an immediate failure. See below for why that happens.
    • Also, if the player sells or destroys the Psychic Beacon, the mission will fail.
  • Even though an Airforce Command Headquarters is present in this mission, the player cannot build Harriers if they capture it.
    • The Harrier's TechLevel is -1 in this mission so it's impossible for the player to build it, but not for the AI.
  • This is the only mission in both Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge to have a Psychic Beacon on the player's side.
  • When the player captures the battle lab, the player can attempt to train a Spy even though the player is unable to finish training even one because the battle lab is immediately sold once the player captures it.
  • The inner-workings of this mission's end-phase are fascinating and reveal why the player may (unfairly) lose the mission. The times written below are seconds at 15FPS, not standard 30FPS (so divide them by 2 to get real-time).
    • In the upper-right corner (outside the map-boundries), you have a Soviet Battle Lab, a Soviet Construction Yard and two Tesla Reactors belonging to Other3 House.
    • When the Allied Lab is entered by Player House (only possible with engineers here unless you somehow give yourself some spies), triggers Beacon Placed and Sell Lab fire.
      • Sell Lab: wait 2s, then sell the attached building (that'd be the Allied Lab). No clue why no Conscripts are spawned like if you were to sell it regularly, and no clue why you lose if you sell the Battle Lab too soon instead of waiting for the trigger doing it for you.
        • Trigger Lab Destroyed, which checks for the GATECH, gets disabled when you enter it. The event is 48, destroyed by anything what-so-ever (guess selling it counts as destroying it...)
      • Beacon Placed: wait 3s (so 1s after Sell Lab fires), then make Other3 House start production (Psychic Beacon is "pre-placed" as Base Node for that House), enable trigger Change Beacon House.
        • Change Beacon House: wait 5s, then all of Other3 House's belongings (additional ConYard, Reactor and Battle Lab included) switch to Player House and enable trigger Beacon Destroyed.
          • Beacon Destroyed: if Player doesn't have Psychic Beacon, cue mission fail.
    • The flaw with this design: Other3 House ceases to exist far too soon; there's barely enough time to build the Beacon (hence why it's only 50 bucks here, and it can't be built any faster even if it were cheaper and any units standing where the Beacon should spawn will delay its construction and deployment) before Other3's stuff becomes yours and the trigger checking for the Beacon's presence starts working.
    • Westwood could've fixed this by instead waiting until Other3 placed the Beacon (via Event 32 Building exists) then enable the Change Beacon House and Beacon Destroyed triggers.
  • Actual map-wide mind-control isn't possible, and neither is the creation of such a super weapon by modders due to Westwood's hardcoding; here it's just modified lighting effect from Lightning Storm Super Weapon and some "All Change House" trigger actions.
    • You'll need Ares DLL to make a true Mind-Control SW, and even there you might have some bugs. Check here.



Zofia relaying Romanov's order
Yuri's notification on reinforcements


  1. Westwood Pacific, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Soviet mission 3: "Operation: Big Apple".
Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge missions