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ModDB favicon This article is about a mod. The subject matter of this article is therefore deemed both unofficial and non-canon.

Bio War is a modification for Tiberian Dawn.


The modification adds a minicampaign consisting of four missions that replace the four last Nod missions. In the campaign the player takes on the role of a Nod commander fighting against the Bio Defense Initiative, a perverted version of GDI that uses biological warfare, including visceroids.

The mod also adds two new units:

Additionally, the Red Alert Naval Yard makes an appearance in the third mission, where it has to be destroyed to complete the mission. It has no specific gameplay functionality beyond that.


  1. Water World: Somewhere in this region the Bio Defense Initiative has a Technology Center. We need their secret weapon's plans. Capture the Center, then destroy everything. Make sure that the Bio-Research Laboratory has been destroyed!
  2. The Bio War: The Bio Defense Initiative has damaged our base in this region. Your mission is to repair the base and destroy the bio-rats. Beware that they destroyed our Construction Yard! Since we stole their plans, you will have access to new weapons. Good luck.
  3. Third Strike: The Bio Defense Initiative has a Naval Base in this area. Mission objective: Destroy the Naval Base as fast as possible. Use our new weapons, the Hind that we saved from Stalin's group and the SSM launcher. Don't forget, be fast.
  4. Final Exam: This is the final battle. Since they stole the Temple's plans, they have access to a Nuclear Strike. Be careful: since they also have one of GDI's Adv. Comm. Centers they might have access to the Ion Cannon too. Nobody can escape from the Bio Defense Initiative's team.


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