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The Bio Reactor was Yuri's main power source during the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


While it does produce some power by conventional means, its most notable function is that it can use infantry as an additional power source. The infantryman is subdued with tranquilizers while attached to the machine.

Thus, if one of Yuri's psychic units controls an enemy infantry unit, it can be sent to the reactor for processing. This frees the psychics' minds, as they no longer need to maintain control of the infantry unit. If the reactor is destroyed, the units are released. Predictably, enemies that were released from mind-control when incarcerated will crawl from the wreckage with their original loyalties.


Up to five infantry units may be "garrisoned" inside to increase power production. The cost and base power production are the same as for a Soviet Tesla reactor, but it is slightly less durable and occupies the same (smaller) footprint as an Allied power plant.


  • The idea of a biological reactor may be based on power plants from the Matrix series.
  • If mind-controlled infantry from a defeated enemy emerge from a Bio reactor, the infantry will be neutral colored and attack any nearby units, regardless of allegiance.
  • Strangely, if any infantry units mind controlled by the Psychic Dominator emerge from a Bio reactor, the infantry will no longer have the purple 'aura' above their head. This is likely an engine bug.

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