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Biohazard Technicians are personnel employed by both the Americans and the GLA during the War against the GLA.


Biohazard Technicians only appear in cutscenes and in campaigns. They are untrainable and cannot be selected by the player. They are unarmed and have low HP, similar to other infantry units.


During the War against the GLA, The Americans are known to have employed these personnel to help decontaminate the battlefield by removing toxins and radiation. They are seen decontaminating the bunkers at the Aral Sea facility. They are however absent during the GLA assault, implying that they have evacuated the area. Later they are seen decontaminating the area around the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch site.

After their takeover of launch site, the GLA also employed these technicians although what they do under the GLA is the exact opposite to the American ones. They are instead helping add toxins to the missiles. Most are killed during the MOAB strike at the launch site.



  • Appropriate Poisons - Several Biohazard Technicians are seen in the opening cutscene decontaminating several bunkers. They are however absent during gameplay.
  • Baikonur Cosmodrome - During the opening cutscene, several Biohazard Technicians are seen decontaminating the area around the launch pad, again they are absent during gameplay.

Zero Hour

  • Global Security - Several Biohazard Technicians are seen in the launch site adding toxins to the missile.


  • In the mission Global Security, the GLA affiliated Biohazard Technicians can be killed by the player's forces. When killed they reuse the Rebel's death screams.
  • Biohazard Technicians are only playable through some mods. In these mods, they are trained in the American barracks and functions very similar to the Ambulance, which is removing toxins and radiation from the battlefield. They are also immune to these effects.
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