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Black Forest
Albert Einstein's Laboratory







Famous woodland
Under German military


Allied Forces

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Yuri's Revenge


The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is a famous woodland in the mountainous region of south-western Germany. It is a popular tourist destination with many historic towns and natural attractions. The region also has a rich history of mining.

It was the site of Professor Einstein's laboratory, including his experimental Chronosphere. Because of the value of his research to the Allies, the road to the base is guarded by three small German military outposts, and a large Allied base is located close to the lab itself. A small village is located to the north of the laboratory.

Red Alert Universe

The Battle of Black Forest was fought here during Great World War III.

In the first battle, the Soviets destroyed the three German bases in the north and established their own bases of three groups. One is the USSR and the other two are from the WSA. The Allied Commander (Red Alert 2) used the special experiment of a Mirage Tank to blow the Soviets away.

Mirage is the name of the mission, launched by Carville from the Pentagon before his death by a Crazy Ivan at the door of his quarters. By Deja Vu, Carville returned alive and headed to Berlin to plan the defense of the laboratory.

In that mission, the Soviet Union had blown a hole in the three German bases. The Allied forces fought with some harder complications from the Soviet army and by the time, the lab of Albert Einstein was destroyed as the base was gone. This was the final mission to have the USSR and Allied forces fighting each other since the invasion of the USA, a year back.

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