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The 2nd Armored Regiment was one of the Brotherhood of Nod's military units, attached to the Black Hand. They appeared in Kane's Wrath.


Their initial forces consisted of a Black Hand MCV and two Confessor Cabal teams. However, the MCV had access to the blueprints for the weapons of the entire arsenal; presumably, the commander in charge of it merely lacked the time to send heavier units that also would've slowed down the reinforcements' arrival.

Their capabilities are identical to those of any Black Hand commander.


Main article: Tacitus Regained

In 2052, Kane finally discovered the location of the Tactius - a GDI research facility located in the Rocky Mountains. To his alarm, GDI's experiments and attempts to decode it left it dangerously unstable, and he quickly sent the Nod tactical AI, LEGION, to retrieve it.

After the outer energy shield protecting the facility was disabled, a member of the 2nd Armored Regiment announced their arrival, and command of the troops was quickly turned over to LEGION so as to assist the Marked of Kane troops already present on the battlefield.

Their fate after the success of the operation is unknown, but it can be assumed that they, like the Black Hand itself, was merged back into the mainline Nod forces prior to the Incursion War.


  • Ironically, despite being introduced as an armored regiment, their initial forces consist of only infantry, and their arsenal does not have any particular focus on armored vehicles.
  • They are the only known detachment of a Nod faction.