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The Black market was a GLA structure which served as an upgrade center and an alternate source of income.


By trading items that are illegal or unclassified (contraband, "rigged" stuff, or UN humanitarian supplies) under international law on the black market, GLA generals could obtain important upgrades and a steady cash flow. The GLA focused all of their "liberation trade" here to easily conceal such transactions from unwanted attention.

Black markets are only the location where transactions take place and do not store funds or merchandise on-site, therefore, they are immune to supply center hack. The black market may change hands as a result of direct capturing, however. Their "administrator" is a crafty and flexible individual though, always giving a steady income of $20 worth of supply periodically, regardless of their actual profit or to whom they pledge their allegiance.


ZH Fortified Structure Icons.jpg Fortified Structure
(Zero Hour only)
Increases the palace's armour. Purchasable at any Palace for a cost of $1000.
ZH Camo Netting Icons.jpg Camo Netting
(Zero Hour only)
Upgrades black market with camo netting, rendering it invisible to enemy forces until it fires or is fired upon, or detected by detectors. Purchasable at a GLA or Prince Kassad's black market for a cost of $500.

Upgrades purchasable

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Radar Van Scan Icons.png Radar van scan Enables radar vans to reveal hidden areas on the map, uncovering stealthed units in the process
ZH Worker Shoes Icons.png Worker shoes
(Zero Hour only)
Gives shoes to workers, improving their movement speed and carrying capacity
Gen1 Rocket Buggy Ammo Icons.png Buggy ammo Doubles rocket buggies' ammo capacity
Gen1 AP bullets Icons.png Armor-piercing bullets Increases damage dealt by bullet-based weapons by 25%
Gen1 AP Rockets Icons.png Armor-piercing Rockets Increases damage dealt by rocket-based weapons by 25%
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons.png Junk repair Enables all GLA vehicles to self-repair

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