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Gen Gameicon.png ZH Gameicon.png
Black napalm
Gen1 BlackNapalm Ingame.png
Dragon tank using Fire Wall with black napalm

Gen China Logo.png China
C inf.png Shin Fai
C tank.png Ta Hun Kwai
C nuke.png Tsing Shi Tao

Gen China Logo.png Leang
Research cost $2000
Research time 0:45
Hot key N
"Black Napalm upgrade is complete!"
- Dragon Tank, informing the general of the black napalm upgrade.
Gen1 Black Napalm Icons.png

Black Napalm was an upgrade used by China and made all fire based weapons more destructive.

It also made the fire storm created faster, longer lasting, and stronger. This variation of Black Napalm shows a purple colour when used on the battlefield.

Units improved by Black Napalm

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