Blackout (Covert Operations)

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Next Hell's Fury
Game The Covert Operations
Location Europe
Player CNCR GDILogo.png Global Defense Initiative
Opponent CNCR NodLogo.png Brotherhood of Nod
Objectives Destroy all Nod forces
C&C Covert Ops Cover.gif The following is based on the missions of The Covert Operations and might contradict canon.
We need to establish a base in this area. Unfortunately, so does Nod. They have already put up Obelisks to guard the only way in. We need you to cut the power to the Obelisks before our MCV arrives. With the MCV, set up a base and eliminate the Nod forces.
- Mission briefing

Blackout is the first GDI mission in The Covert Operations.[1]


GDI needs to establish a base in the region and has sent an MCV to begin base construction. However, Nod also needs one in the same area and has set up Obelisks along the route the MCV is taking. GDI has sent two Commandos to deactivate the Obelisk's power supply and establish the base to eliminate the Nod forces in the area.


Covert Operations - Blackout


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