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Blade of Kane
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Anti-Infantry Support


Credits: 460k
Research Points: 1.13M

GDI Engineer 2047
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The Blade of Kane is a Nod support structure in Tiberium Alliances which provides anti-infantry defense for the base it is defending.

The Blade of Kane is a unique building and so it needs one clear plot spacing from other unique buildings.

It automatically supports all alerted friendly bases within range (8 fields* This is reported from the official Arsenal, but personal use says this structure has a range of 10 fields) with an artillery barrage in their defense area against incoming attacks.

Additionally, the artillery support can be manually calibrated on one player base (default: own base) within 12 fields to defend that base without being alerted. Artillery support requires weapon calibration which requires 30 seconds plus an additional 40 seconds per field. Only one support building of this type in can be constructed per base.

Damages(for lower levels, damages evolution between level 1 and 65 structures):

Same level as enemy: 5% vs Infantry, 2% vs Vehicles, 4% vs Aircrafts.

1 level below enemy: 2.5~4.9% vs Infantry, 1.0~2.0% vs Vehicles, 2.0~3.9% vs Aircrafts.

2 levels below enemy: 1.7~4.9% vs Infantry, 0.7~1.9% vs Vehicles, 1.3~3.9% vs Aircrafts.


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