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Blink packs
CNCTW Shock Troopers Blink Packs
Shock Troopers upgraded with Blink Packs

CNCTW Scrin Emblem Scrin
CNCKW Reaper-17 logo Reaper-17

  • $2000 (TW)
  • $500 (KW)
Build time
  • 1:00 (TW)
  • 0:15 (KW)
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Hot key



Provide a short-ranged teleportation ability to Shock Troopers

They're jumping across the chasm!
- Nod Soldier, Tiberium Wars
CNCTW Blink Packs Cameo

Blink packs are small antenna like devices that allow some high-end Scrin units to teleport short distances across the battlefield. Only a few of these units have been witnessed using this advance technology: Shock Troopers, Masterminds, Prodigies, and Mastermind/Prodigy-upgraded Eradicator Hexapods.

CNCKW Prodigy Blink Pack

A Prodigy upgraded with a Blink Pack

It is also worthy to note that Traveler-59 Shock Troopers and Prodigies seem to come "pre-equipped" with those devices, while regular Scrin forces and Reaper-17 must research it at a Technology Assembler (Stasis Chamber in Kane's Wrath).

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