Mr. Delorian 9201 Mr. Delorian 9201 15 August 2019

Purge victim female soldier Tera Gallagher died from a heart attack

.]]Purge victim female soldier Tera Gallagher died from a heart attack. Tera Gallagher was an infantrywoman who serving with the GDI 22nd Infantry Division, who appears in the Tiberium Wars novel and was slated to appear in Tiberium.

While Tera Gallagher seems to be passed away or deceased. She died of a heart attack while standing in the locker room.

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 26 June 2019

How to replace South Korea with Albania and Kosovo in C&C: YR

To replace Seoul with that of Tirana and Pristina, go make a file and neither delete, nor rename the other file that is related to the RoK. 

And when you are ready to play Yuri's Revenge, you would have Albania and Kosovo as a country that you want to scare the Russians off!

- ialociN Nicolai

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 20 November 2018

Command and Conquer presents: Right Alert

Command and Conquer presents: Right Alert is a fan-made mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge as based on the mind of someone named as Dokdopolis and this mod also recycles numbers of old units coming from the RA2 expansion.

But the said mod talks it all, as Red Alert fights Soviets (communists) hence the name, Right Alert fights those found across continental Europe and the rest of the Nordic countries (plus that of Iceland and Turkey so does non-E.U. Switzerland but not for the UK too) in real life but also, today. Like those of conservatives/right-wingers/libertarians (classical liberals) to which they contain people who are notable from that system/belief such as Matteo Salvini, Andrej Babis, Andrzej Duda, Viktor Orban, R…

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 20 November 2018

How to make a file of some country (or sub-faction like Yuri) while affiliated as neither Allied, Soviet or Yuri in RA2 or YR?

Like for my example is the European Union but sides as an Allied than that of Soviet and Yuri (as Epsilon in Mental Omega or for short, MO) and only contains the units of France (Grand Cannon) and Germany (Tank Destroyer) but not Great Britain (Sniper) due to their intention to leave the E.U. next year (2019). 

Too bad, RA2/YR did not put the likes of other E.U. members but those are the founding members like Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands (also Denmark since RA2/YR's year of set is in the 1970's (Spain and Portugal were Nazist until the mid and late-1980s) and being more focused on Cold War rather than today with Russia still painted red as what the right-wing does because both words starts with the letter "R" like "vote red", "red pil…

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 19 October 2018

Command & Conquer Alternate Timelines

I am trying to fit all of the Command & Conquer games into a set of parallel universes or timelines like a lot of fictional stories have, especially in some Nintendo games I have played. So I have three parallel universes caused by time travel. Based on my theory, the Red Alert and Tiberium stories share one timeline. Red Alert 3 takes place in an alternate universe from Red Alert 2 after Cherdenko and Krukov erased Einstein the same way he erased Hitler (the timeline splits after RA1). For the Generals story, I believe that is in a separate timeline from Red Alert and Tiberium where Einstein did not use a time machine to change history. In other words, Generals and Zero Hour would take place in our universe. Tiberium Alliances is a bit co…

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 17 October 2018

A C&C Remaster would be epic

I am a bit late in mentioning this video and the post that Jim Vessella made at the OpenRA website. The video also shows the post that Plokite_Wolf wrote at the CnCNZ forums. I really hope that Electronic Arts remasters the games and doesn't cancel the project like they did with Generals 2. They did say there would be no microtransactions and it should not be like Rivals. I hate mobile games because I am used to a keyboard and mouse, not a touch screen. The last online game I played was a Facebook strategy game by Kixeye, a San Francisco company, and I did not like it as much as Command & Conquer. It feels like an inferior copy of that game. I do not want to be disappointed with the remastering also. There is one thing I want in the remast…

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 2 September 2018

Move to Gamepedia complete

As an overdue follow-up to our initial announcement, the Command & Conquer Wiki (EVA Database) is now officially open on Gamepedia. With the only active administrators (myself and Ssskoopa, here called SuperFeatherYoshi) moving to here, the Wikia version will no longer be managed and everyone is advised to use the one on Gamepedia. We've also been cleaning up some higher-tier articles in the meanwhile, such as Global Defense Initiative and Scrin, so we aim to become the definitive source on anything and everything Command & Conquer in the coming months.

Note that moderation here will be even more rigorous against fan fiction, which has damaged the reputation of the wiki in the past. We have already cropped many articles and there's still more to …

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 31 July 2018

Moving to Gamepedia

Those of you who have followed the news around the Fallout Wikia you may have noticed that Wikia/Fandom has been doing network-wide changes which wiki admins do not have control over. From their talks with Wikia/Fandom staff, we can clearly see that the folks above are not really interested in wikis, which made them big and popular in the first place, and instead try to focus on forced video content and articles as "quaint" as this one. And we did not forget their forcing of auto-playing video content that can not be changed or removed, or backend updates silently breaking a useful template that was only fixed this year.

The active administration (Ssskoopa and myself) have decided to move over to Gamepedia, which is already home to The Vaul…

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Ssskoopa Ssskoopa 3 July 2018

Incoming transmission (Part 3 of 3)






Red Alert 3: Corona, a partial-conversion mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3


  • A completely new fourth faction, with its own building mechanics and other unique features.
  • New units and structures for all three vanilla factions, including Tier 4 epic units.
  • Changes and additions to vanilla units, most notably naval units.
  • Stunning visual effects.
  • And possibly more to come...

Coming soon(TM)...

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Ssskoopa Ssskoopa 28 June 2018

Incoming transmission (Part 2 of 3)










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Ssskoopa Ssskoopa 23 June 2018

Incoming transmission...










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Sclera1 Sclera1 13 June 2018

New Units in CNC: Rivals

  • 1 Units
    • 1.1 GDI
    • 1.2 Nod
    • 1.3 Super-powers

  • GDi Infantry
  • Titan
  • Disruptor
  • Orcas
  • Mammoth tank

  • Nod Soldier
  • (heavy infantry??)
  • Banshee
  • Rock worm (new unit)
  • Scorpion Tank
  • Stealth Tank

  • Obelisk of Light (kane specific hero power)
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Sclera1 Sclera1 13 June 2018

Concerned with CNC: Rivals

Hi all, just as the title says, I am not with the EA vs Westwood thinking, but i am concerned with current way CNC is being handled. here are my reasons:

  • EA seems to be more focused on the mobile arcade/ massive MMOs, also with transactions (like in Dead Space 3), when maybe they should start with just a storylined based game to earn people's trust.

  • The Dune game series served as the father of CNC, it seems to be a literal style over substance. They overstyled it,

For example, they sort of almost changed the Forgotten mutant into the stereotypical brutish mutants. Especially when the Forgotten vehicles in Tiberium Alliances were over-stylised and became unintentionally similar in design to Warhammer vehicles, which is over the top to CNC. Ti…

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 9 June 2018

New official C&C game announced - C&C: Rivals

Command & Conquer: Rivals has been announced at EA Play today.

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 29 May 2018

Yet another cancelled C&C game: C&C (Mobile)

It's apparently the age of cancelled Command & Conquer titles these days. Thanks to, we know of another such game - Command & Conquer (Mobile). Though barely, as all we have are a few concept images.

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Ssskoopa Ssskoopa 25 April 2018

Ssskoopa suffers through Red Alert Online so you don't have to: Prologue

So, Red Alert Online, to the surprise of pretty much nobody, is an absolute train wreck of a game. It's pretty much just a reskinned version of Global Strike, designed to suck money out of your wallet, and nothing more.

And that's why I preordered it:

As a certain Internet critic always says: I remember it, so you don't have to. I'm going to suffer through this horrible excuse of a game, so the readers of this Wiki won't have to. But before I do that, let's take a look at one of the reviewer previews of this game that I found on Bilibili.

Here's the link:

Most of it is fairly boring, though. So here are the highlight reels (lowlight reels?):

These are apparently the intro cutscenes. Always a good sign w…

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 23 April 2018

Red Alert Online announced!

Tencent has announced Red Alert Online, a mobile game made in partnership with Electronic Arts. All lines are hot.

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Ssskoopa Ssskoopa 23 April 2018

Holy Jesus, it's finally happened

Tencent apparently worked something out with That Which Must Not Be Named and is releasing a new game called "Red Alert Online".

It's a mobile game.

There is no god.

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WikiPager2 WikiPager2 19 March 2018

What is this?

While fiddling around in The Red Alert 3 Worlbuilder, I found this.

What is it? It is apparently a Tech Building.

EDIT: [1] Other one seems broken

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Alex Livingstone Alex Livingstone 12 November 2017

New C&C Fansite

German (english version under construction) Fansite. Special: Tiberian Sun Voice Notification Mod for GDI and CABAL.


"A new C&C is upcoming." - A.Livingstone

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Mental omega 3.3 apyr Mental omega 3.3 apyr 10 September 2017

command & conquer

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 11 June 2017
1 NOT shutting down

UPDATE: The site's shutdown crisis has been averted. Returning administrator and creator of Command & Conquer Legos, Zee Hypnotist, has stepped up and took over the site's hosting!

The second-oldest C&C community site left standing,, will be shutting down in the next few days.

The site has been through the development cycles of so many C&C games, and its forums have record of things which were announced from EA's official channels. It's one of the sites that always aimed to keep the community informed on both official games and fan-made endeavours like servers, mods and music.

Lots of original content, like articles, community summit reports and the unforgettable Command & Conquer Legos series were made on the site as well, with more…

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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 19 February 2017

C&C Wikias

'ello folks. I haven't been as active for the past 6 months because of uni.

Since there are a bunch of C&C wikis scattered and somewhat isolated across Wikia, I suggest we should have some sort of standardized footer in place for all of the wikis, with the footer linking to all C&C-based wikis. Which means we would need to contact the editors on the wikis that are still active (e.g. the Mental Omega wiki), just in case they don't think we're planning an awkward invasion of their sites.

Here's a list I have managed to compiled of all the C&C-related wikis so far:

  • 1 The Main Wiki
  • 2 Possible Redirects to the EVA Database?
  • 3 Community
  • 4 Mod Wikis

  • EVA Database - Command & Conquer Wiki

  • w:c:tiberium
  • w:c:generals

  • C&C Fanon Wiki
  • C&C Community Wiki

  • Mental Omega APY…

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 15 February 2017

C&C Red Alert Alliances - cancelled game revealed!

The French fansite C&C Saga revealed another cancelled Command & Conquer game today: Command & Conquer: Red Alert Alliances, which was in development by 1 July 2013 by Electronic Arts Phenomic. More details in the game's article!

EDIT: To give credit where it is due, Darth Tenebra was even faster and uploaded the images two days earlier, while I wasn't looking :)

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 20 January 2017

Why Generals is my favorite strategy game

Did I already share this video with you? This is an RTS classic and my favorite game in the genre. In addition to this review (and the Generals review before it), I also want to share this Command & Conquer Wiki website if you want to learn more about the game's story, the diverse generals factions and which strategies work best.

I contributed to the place and gave my opinion on them in their talk pages. My favorite generals per faction are as follows: "Pinpoint" Townes for the USA, Tsing Shi Tao for China and Rodall Juhziz for the GLA. I also love "Tigress" Leiong Leang because of how weird and overpowered her faction is.

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 27 November 2016

My favorite strategy games

I really like these two games, and I often brag about how much fun they are. I found two great reviews by someone named DWTerminator on YouTube.

C&C Generals Review

C&C Generals Zero Hour Review

He reviewed the whole series here: DWTerminator's C&C videos

I hope I explained why I love these games so much. :)

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 25 November 2016

Is Ultimate Collection worth the money?

I know it's a bit early to think about Christmas shopping, but I like to start early. While I set up the decorations and buy the tree, I will be working on my gift list for 2016. I have some great ideas.

C&C Ultimate Collection Box Art

The first game will be Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection, which gives players access to all 17 games in the series (from the first C&C game in 1995 to Tiberian Twilight in 2010). I watched a video review of it here: Ultimate Collection Review

The reason I want this game is so I can play the entire series on newer PCs. Most of them will not work on Windows 7 or newer (I am not sure about Windows 10 either). All of the games are downloads from the Origin website, so only the key code is sold to the player…

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 22 November 2016

The reason for my Generals's Colors

Or colours for the sake of my European readers. I'm an American citizen, so I spell the word differently. Anyway, there is a reason why I gave the thirteen factions of Zero Hour - fifteen if you count Ironside and Deathstrike as playable - unique colors. Here is a list of the reasons. I also included a table of their names and their faction colors in my mods.

The USA Factions of Zero Hour

United States

Malcolm Granger

Alexis Alexander

"Pinpoint" Townes


1. The basic United States faction is a deep blue because that is its color in the campaign missions. I always pick blue for America because it can symbolize peace and freedom, which is what they desire in the War against the GLA. Also notice that every USA faction in the table has a shade…

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Fastkak Fastkak 26 October 2016

C&C memory

I want C&C first decade in DVD but gamespy was closed so i have no idea to buy about it

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Francishack Francishack 24 August 2016


  •  Align Left
  • rancis flow

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 11 June 2016

Project-X Factions List

Since I am still working on the Project-X series and uploading my Generals videos (I haven't forgotten this great game), I want to keep a running list of features for my mod projects. This is going to be a series of four blogs. The first is all 5 USA factions (1 main and four derivatives).

Note that the bosses will have multiple battle plans, but the player can choose only one of them per game. I learned from Shockwave that the bosses weren't always all-powerful in the series. I believe they used to be specialized, but they earned the right to command the "best of the best".

Since I am still working on the Project-X series and uploading my Generals videos (I haven't forgotten this great game), I want to keep a running list of features for my…

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 21 May 2016

New Mod Idea: Battle Types

During one of my yard working periods, I came up with some creative ideas for my Project-X mod series for Generals and Zero Hour. I usually get good ideas when I work for a couple of hours. Anyway, this is a long list of ideas, but I like them so far.

My first good idea is to include a unique campaign mode for the X-Force called Domination mode. It is based on the Red Alert 3 Commander's Challenge where I defeat enemy commanders, steal their best technologies and then use them against the next opponent.

Here is a list of the enemy commanders I will fight and their technologies.

1. Dr. Thrax: Toxin Tunnel Network, Anthrax Gamma, Toxin Rebel, Toxin Demo Trap and Armored Scorpion Tank.

2. "Anvil" Shin Fai: Fortified Bunker, Mini-Gunner, Assault T…

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Ryzilla Ryzilla 11 March 2016

command and conquer

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 11 March 2016

Unlogged edits disabled

Greetings, editors.

Following a history of unlogged users' edits being more of rollback candidates than constructive additions, I have disabled unlogged edits on EVA Database. This will mean that unlogged users can still see pages, images and videos like they could before, but if they want to edit or create new pages and files, they are required to sign up first. Hopefully this will ease moderation to some extent.

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AndrewFord AndrewFord 13 February 2016

Red Alert 1: Unofficial Patch

Apparently I made a Europe Map, so I'm looking into all the changes I've done.

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Sheldonist Sheldonist 7 February 2016

Cameo/icon standards

Since this was apparently not stressed enough, we need to form standards for unit cameos.

For games made up to and before Yuri's Revenge, please use the images from the game files (*icon.shp/*uico.shp) - this content may vary on the game language, and all language versions are welcome (English is a priority). The so-called "textless" cameos from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge are the own work of tomsons26 and the PreRA2 mod team and as such, we do not have permission to liberally use them wherever possible. Hence, those will be removed.

For Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath, there are already transparent PNG cameos available in the main unit article's descriptions. Cropped screenshots of the icons with the GUI backgrounds on are not considered icons and w…

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AndrewFord AndrewFord 14 January 2016

RA2: YR - AndrewFord Changes

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Explaination Behind Changes
    • 2.1 Terrorist
    • 2.2 Tesla Trooper
    • 2.3 Apocalypse
    • 2.4 Desolator
    • 2.5 Demolition Truck
    • 2.6 Tesla Tank
    • 2.7 Robot Tank
    • 2.8 Chrono Legionaire
    • 2.9 Tank Destroyer
    • 2.10 Brute
    • 2.11 Initiate
    • 2.12 Magnetron
    • 2.13 Grand Cannon
  • 3 Summary Changes v1.002
    • 3.1 General
    • 3.2 Soviets
    • 3.3 Allies
    • 3.4 Yuri

I love Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, there is alot going for the game, and it is fair for all 3 factions, but there are some units that don't play into that equation. These changes aim at diversity, but aims at usability of the unit while maintaining their counters and weaknesses. As much as I hate nerfing units, some needed it, although very few.

My Philosophies:

  • Just because a unit has a purpose, doesn't mean it's good
  • A niche unit however, isn't a bad unit. Exa…

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Bot Rot Bot Rot 25 December 2015

I don't mean to brag but...

500 edits in less than a month and after creating this account? Woo...hoo? Might as well continue my Imperial march   contributing. Oh, and I did this so my blog page won't be soulless like some cyborg, so yeah. Happy Holidays and have an advance Happy New Year!Bot Rot (talk) 14:24, December 25, 2015 (UTC)

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MiG23 MiG23 5 December 2015

Red Star Rising - C&C inspired sci-fi novel

This is a novel written by fan of C&C for the fans of "Command and Conquer" series.

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Shayanomer Shayanomer 13 September 2015

The chronology (in my opinion)

There seems to be confusion about the chronology of the series.

IMPORTANT: Generals does not count since it is a complete spinoff.

On with the chronological order of games:

  • Red Alert - Can be seen as a prologue to the series as it shows us Kane.
  • Red Alert 2 - Even though Kane is absent from this game. Yuri shows the Soviet commander a photo of him with Joseph Stalin that was taken possibly during the Second World War. In Renegade, a picture of an Apocalypse tank can be seen in Cairo, inside the Temple of Nod. This highly suggests that Red Alert 2 was part of the series.
  • Tiberian Dawn - First game to feature Tiberium
  • Renegade
  • Tiberian Sun
  • Tiberium Wars
  • Tiberian Twilight

Red Alert 3 is not part of the series since it was designed as a "what if" game.


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Ranger-X Ranger-X 11 September 2015

My Generals videos have resumed

I have once again started recording myplay-throughs of both Generals and Zero Hour. Here is how I do it:

1. I play all of the campaign missions in a chronological order so they make the most sense. I always play on the hardest difficulty so I get the highest honors every time. Since I am recording the videos, I also modify the build times for my faction to get my base and units ready as quickly as possible. I do these modifications to avoid boring my viewers. When I watched others play the game, I was getting bored too early. Waiting is no fun, so why should I subject others to it?

2. Once the campaigns are done, I play every faction in a skirmish game but I do it like this. I do one vs. one matches. For Generals, there are at least six skir…

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AndrewFord AndrewFord 27 July 2015

Red Alert 95 Theory

  • Generic Standard Build Order – p b o w w p o sell bar sell cy
  • Small Map Coil Order – power barr adv barr ore war tesla – useful on KOTG, ivory, and ridge war
  • Lotsa Money Gem Map Tanking Order – p p b o w (truck) s w w (truck) w a o w w o – good for hjk6, xgems, northern hatu, gf, gtk
  • Lotsa Money Gem Map Soviet Order – p p b o w (truck) s w w w  (truck) a o d w w w o – good for hjk6, x gems, northern hatu, gf, gtk
  • Infinite Money Tanking Order – p p b o w s w w (truck) w a w w – p4, wide open
  • Infinite Money Soviet Order – p p b o w s w w (truck) w d a w w w – p4, wide open

  • 1 Lights vs Mediums vs Heavy
    • 1.1 Lights:
    • 1.2 Medium
    • 1.3 Heavy
  • 2 P4
  • 3 Useless Units?
    • 3.1 Attack Dogs
    • 3.2 Radar Jammer
    • 3.3 Mobile Gap Generator
    • 3.4 Submarine
    • 3.5 Spy
    • 3.6 Thief
    • 3.7 Rangers

  • Light Tanks have more DPS…

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OperationCrossroads OperationCrossroads 30 July 2014

Fuel air bombs,nukes,toxins,etc.

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Marshallamieron Marshallamieron 6 July 2014

Operation: Detective Case

We'll guys I fastly created other Mission but for the Allies. Hope you enjoy and comment for some amazing Ideas. Don't know the first one, Click this----Operation:Psychic Waves

This is a Allied Mission and you, the Allied General must complete his task and destroys Yuri's most Powerful Machine. You must complete the quest below to the mission:

1) Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy.( Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy)

2) Destroy the All 4 Psychic Dominators in Yuri's Four Borders. ( Destroy All the Psychic Dominator)

3) Destroy the Psychic Beacons and 3 Psychic Ampliers. ( Destroy all Mind Controlling Buildings of Yuri)

The Mission willl begin with a Allied MCV going east guarded by 5 Prism tanks and Soviet MCV that is going west gu…

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Marshallamieron Marshallamieron 6 July 2014

Operation: Psychic Waves

Well I have Been thinking some Maps making with Final Alert2: Map Editor that I don't have. ( If possible please give a link to make this map I been wanted this but went I searh, links don't work and I'll be really happy to your Help) Well: hope you enjoy it!!!

This a Yuri Faction Mission where you must complete the Missions below and defeat the Allieds and Soviets to the next mission. The key aspect is the second mission.

1)  Locate the Soviet Nuclear Missile and Destroy it. (Locate and Destroy the Silo)

2) Construct the Psychic Beacon where the Nuclear Silo was. (Construct the Beacon)

3) Using the Psychic Beacon, You must defend it from the incoming waves of Soviets and Allies until the Mind Controlling is Complete. (Defend the Psychic Beaco…

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Marshallamieron Marshallamieron 11 June 2014

Base Defense

Ever been defeated because of weak defense or none at all, well, these plan will totally prevent air and round attacks(Red alert 2). But you must pick the correct army to make the defense.These bases can also be upgraded by using a Engineer to inflirate a enemy construction yard and gains its power or use a spy to Infilrate to obtain intelligence and more power.

The Grand Defense is very powerful, Consisting 8-10 Grand Cannons , 15-20 Patriot Missiles System , 7-10 Gap Generator , 4-8 Spy Satellite Uplink , 6-14 Prism Tower , 10-20 Pill boxes ,a bucnh ofPower Plant s,3 Airforce Command Center full ofHarriers and 8-10 Attack Dogs (For spies) on Land.In water, 4-5 Naval Shipyard,10 Destroyers , 5 Aegis Cruiser, 5 Aircraft Carrier and 10 Dolph…

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Marshallamieron Marshallamieron 3 June 2014

The SuperWeapons in the Universe

Superweapons is my Secondary weapons in the game of Red Alert 1-3. So Superweapons does not only ranges into destructive materials and Highly advanced Tecnology. It also ranges to many more(Spy Planes-Powerful Photon Collider). I'm showing the Superweapons in the main series.

Lets Begin:Go to the Superweapons , Allied Units and Structures Summary

(This is under construction)

  • 1 Allied Superweapons
    • 1.1 Red Alert 1(Great World War II)
      • 1.1.1  1)Nuclear Missile (Nuke Silo)
      • 1.1.2  2)The Chronosphere
    • 1.2 Red Alert 2(Great World War III)
      • 1.2.1 1) Force Field
      • 1.2.2  2)Paradrop
      • 1.2.3  3)Spy Plane
      • 1.2.4 4)Chronosphere
      • 1.2.5 5) Weather Control Device or Weather Device
      • 1.2.6 6) Spy Link Satelite or Spy Satellite Uplink
      • 1.2.7 7) Grand Cannon/The Ultimate Turret
    • 1.3 Red Alert 3 (Th…

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Dewy60 Dewy60 15 May 2014

Important to Wika Users! Vote the poll!

As of June 30, a number of games - some of them among the best of all time - will have their online components cease to be supported.

Among the casualties will be Battlefield 1942 (PC), C&C Generals (PC), Crysis (PC), Master of Orion III (PC), Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (PC), the original Neverwinter Nights (PC) and its sequel, and both Star Wars: Battlefront titles on PC.

There are also some Wii, DS and even PS2 games among the casualties, but those ones listed above are the big ones.

The full list of games affected is below.

Battlefield 1942 for PC and Mac (including The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WW2 expansions) Battlefield 2 for PC (including Special Forces expansion) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for PlayStation 2 Battlefield 2142…

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Cannon7 Cannon7 19 April 2014


Okay everyone, let's say you are in the Allied forces (USA) in Red Alert and a Godmodder commander attacks your base. If the godmodder kills you, you may revive in the next turn. This is just for fun.

Turn 1:

The Godmodder builds a thermonuclear missile silo and aims it straight at your Construction Yard. How will you react?

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Terran Ghost Terran Ghost 13 April 2014

Commando's from Tiberian Dawn. Weaponry issue proof

About the weaponry and Raptor rifles.

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