Blood Feud

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This article is about the Commander's Challenge mission. For the Red Alert 2 map, see Blood Feud (Red Alert 2 map).
Blood Feud
Blood Feud intro.png
Main challenge
Location Ryukyu Islands, Japan
Par time 10:15 (PC)
11:00 (Xbox 360/PS3)
Unit unlocked Archer maiden
Opponent RA3U Kenji Tenzai Icon.png Kenji Tenzai
RA3U Shinzo Nagama Icon.png Shinzo Nagama
Map used Honor Bound
Starting funds $10,000 (PC)
$20,000 (Xbox 360/PS3)
Fog of war Not active
Previous Dead Meat
Next Defense of The Archipelago
Side unlocked Creeping Death
In the Empire of the Rising Sun, battlefield commanders settle their disputes and trade their honor by conducting elaborate wargames, such as the one you are bout to interrupt. After all, we could use a better understanding of Imperial tactics and military traditions. Together, your opponents here may pose a threat, but their tradition dictates that such duels must never be interrupted. So why not let the venerable Commander Shinzo and his wayward protégé Kenji wear each other down before you send them both packing?
- Mission briefing

Blood Feud is the second main challenge in the Commander's Challenge.


The FutureTech Commander interrupts a wargame between Kenji Tenzai and Shinzo Nagama in order to obtain more information about Imperial military tactics and traditions.


Before attacking, Kenji and Shinzo will fight each other and ignore you. If you attack either one of them, they will stop fighting and ally against you.


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