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Blood of Brothers is the first Imperial mission in Red Alert iPhone. In this mission, you have to destroy all the rebel Imperial forces.


The Empire of the Rising Sun is preparing to fulfill its devine destiny and establish a new world order. Before that, however, the Emperor tasked one of his commanders to quell a rebel insurrection within the Empire.


Get ready for the enemy will throw tons of units at you. Build several defences and an Instant Generator to prevent a demolition run. Train Expanders and deploy them in strategic locations to get credits and attack the enemy. If you want, you can capture their buildings and train from there. The Airfield can be captured but you still can't train aircraft. A Tsunami Tank brigade and Waveforce Artillery can dismantle their defences in a few seconds. After that, Yoshiro will congratulate you.

One strategy is to build defense towers to guard both paths to the right from the starting place early on. Then send your tanks to secure the area around the un-manned refinery. After that send your Expander so you can build a refinery there. After that just build up your tank forces and charge in the main base, build more tanks to send in behind them, rinse & repeat until the rebel base is taken.


The Rebels were soon killed thanks to the Commander. Emperor Yoshiro deployed several outposts everywhere and began to plan a raid on an Allied base in Japan.

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