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The Bloodhounds are an airlifted reconnaissance and fast attack unit of the GDI,[1] available as a support power in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


While GDI's armored columns were undoubtedly devastating against any unfortunate Nod troopers they happened across, the nimble troops of the Brotherhood of Nod often meant that faster units were required to hunt them down. To this end, GDI command organized the Bloodhounds - a special unit of Guardian APCs and Pitbulls whose job it was to act as a sort of hunter-killer team; the Pitbulls could root out stealthed units and the missiles of the Pitbulls or the bullet barrage of the APCs would destroy the detected threat. Their flexibility also allowed them to serve in reconnaissance and anti-air support capacities when the need arose.

Under the Steel Talons, the APCs were replaced with their custom Wolverine power suits, but they were just as effective as the units they replaced.

Game Effect[]

After a valid drop zone is selected, the Bloodhound mechanized squad is deployed to the field via four V-35 Ox Transports, with each one carrying one unit of the squad. All Bloodhound units contain two veteran Pitbulls, though those deployed by GDI and ZOCOM are accompanied by two veteran Guardian APCs, while those deployed by the Steel Talons contain two additional Wolverines in lieu of the APCs.

It is worth noting, however, that the four Ox transports are as fragile as any other, and tend not to survive long when exposed to enemy fire. In addition, they are uncontrollable, which occasionally can be a point of frustration for GDI commanders. As with normal Ox transports, if the transport is downed, the unit inside it is also destroyed.

The units all have the same stats as if they were constructed from the war factory, albeit starting with an elevated rank.


In the Tiberium Wars demo version, a bug allows the player to infinitely call Bloodhounds without cooldowns between drops.



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