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The Bloodhounds are a military unit of the GDI, available as a support power in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The unit consists of two veteran Guardian APCs and two Pitbulls and are airlifted into the battlefield given the order from the commander. However, Bloodhounds deployed by the Steel Talons consist of two Wolverines instead of the Guardian APCs.

Their primary objective is recon followed by providing fire and anti-air support for other combat units.

Game effect

The Bloodhound mechanised squad is deployed to the field via four V-35 Ox Transports, each one carrying one unit of the squad. When the squad is deployed, it is ready to fight the enemy forces. The forces deployed are either two veteran Guardian APCs and two veteran Pitbulls in the case of GDI and ZOCOM and two Veteran Wolverines and two veteran Pitbulls in the case of the Steel Talons. The Bloodhounds can be called upon for 1500 credits but the transports carrying the Bloodhounds can still be shot down by hostile AA fire before they can be successfully deployed.


In the Tiberium Wars demo version, a bug allows the player to infinitely call Bloodhounds without cooldowns between drops.


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