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A heavily mutated forest with Blossom trees

Blossom trees are Tiberium producing trees that were present during the First and Second Tiberium War. Sometimes referred to as Tiberium spore trees, Blossom trees were born when normal trees come into prolonged contact with Tiberium. Once contact was made, the tree will slowly begin to mutate and develop a fleshly stalk, with a pulsating bulb periodically releasing Tiberium spores to the surrounding area.[1] When these spores land on the ground, a new Tiberium field will begin forming. Blossom trees could spread green Tiberium at an alarming rate, and were known to sprout from any type of tree species.

However, after Tiberium's evolution by 2047, they disappeared almost completely, leaving withered husks of dead trees behind. Dead Blossom trees can be seen in several Red Zones.

Game effect[]

Trees surrounded by Tiberium will eventually mutate into Blossom trees and then the blossom tree shoots out Tiberium spores that will seed more Tiberium around it. The spores will also damage all infantry near it including the Chemical warriors in Tiberian Dawn and Renegade that are immune to the Tiberium crystals.



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