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GLA postal service!
- Bomb truck

Bomb trucks were GLA suicide vehicles used during the War against the GLA.


Old dilapidated dumpers, uparmoured by GLA and loaded to the brim with explosives. When attacking, they drove into the enemy and detonated their weapons on impact. These trucks were by default loaded with a mixed array of improvised explosives, and could be refitted with more potent explosives or even Anthrax-based weaponry.


Gen1 Disguise Icons.png
Disguise Disguises the bomb truck as a target vehicle


Gen1 Bio Bomb Icons.png Bio Bomb Outfits the bomb truck with an anthrax bomb, adding toxin residue after detonation.
Benefits from Anthrax Beta/Gamma upgrades, except for Rodall Juhziz.
Purchasable from within the bomb truck for a cost of $500.
Gen1 High Explosive Bomb Icons.png High Explosive Bomb Outfits the bomb truck with a high explosive bomb, doubling its explosive damage. Purchasable from within the bomb truck for a cost of $500. Unavailable to Dr. Thrax.
Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons.png Anthrax Beta Increases the bio bomb poison field damage Purchasable from a regular GLA or Prince Kassad's Palace for a cost of $2000.
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons.jpg Anthrax Gamma Increases the Bio Bomb poison field damage further. Purchasable from Dr. Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons.png Junk repair When purchased, all Bomb truck crews slowly repair their vehicles with improvised materials. Purchasable from any Black Market for a cost of $2000.

Game unit

Bomb trucks are surprisingly resilient, but although they can be used to directly take on enemy units, they are most effective when they manage to take the enemy by surprise. Their ability to disguise as a different vehicle helps greatly in this. However, the GPS Scrambler does not affect the bomb truck.

Bomb trucks have no conventional weaponry, and are not best driven into heavy enemy fire. If they move too close to anti-stealth units, their disguise will also be seen through. Also, they are rather expensive for a one-shot suicide unit.

If disguised as a civilian vehicle, it will appear to enemies as a white dot on the minimap, just like other civilian vehicles and buildings. Against a human opponent, however, a disguised bomb truck is pretty easy to discover, since they retain their original speed and maneuverability. Strangely, the bomb truck can be disguised as drones such as the Spy Drone and the Battle Drone.


  • Generals patch 1.05: hit point increased from 220 to 250
  • Zero Hour patch 1.01: bomb trucks disguised as Avengers still have the Avenger turret (however the turret is lowered unlike the normal unit which has the turrets raised)
  • Zero Hour patch 1.03:
    • bomb trucks disguised as Avengers now use the correct model
    • now displays upgrade cameo for Anthrax Beta (GLA only)


Bomb truck, ready for dispatch
- When emerging from the Arms Dealer
GLA postal service!
- When selected
I have a delivery
- When selected
Sorry, no tracking numbers
- When selected
I will send a clear message
- When selected
Loaded and ready
- When selected
Not responsible for damaged goods
- When selected
- When moving
Shipment on the way
- When moving
Right on schedule
- When moving
Here I come
- When moving
Nothing stops the mail
- When moving
Good idea
- When ordered to attack
For the GLA!
- When ordered to attack
Hitting the gas!
- When ordered to attack
I will carry it through
- When ordered to attack
It is my purpose
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack
They won't tell the difference
- When ordered to disguise
That's an easy disguise
- When ordered to disguise
They will be fooled
- When ordered to disguise
I'll disguise myself as a vehicle
- When ordered to disguise
What vehicle should we look like?
- When ordered to disguise
Arming bio-bomb
- When ordered to upgraded with Bio Bomb
Arming high-explosive bomb
- When ordered to upgraded with High Explosive Bomb
Bio-bomb loaded
- When the Bio Bomb upgrade is complete
High-explosive bomb loaded
- When the High Explosive Bomb upgrade is complete


Bomb truck loadout textures

  • Originally, the truck was supposed to have a third upgrade available: a combination of TNT and a biological weapon. While it was cut, the texture files for it are still present in the game. This was added in Zero Hour.
  • The words "U Die" can be seen on the bomb truck with the bio-bomb upgrade.
  • Due to a modelling mistake, the bomb truck's driver can be seen on both sides.
  • In May 2016, the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom made a Twitter post regarding extremists in Syria receiving chemical weapons. The post included the image of GLA bomb trucks from the Command & Conquer Wiki in the infobox shown above. Although the image was marked with the text "Image for illustration purposes only", the post was ridiculed[1], even by the Electronic Arts CEO at the time, Peter Moore.[2]

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