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Rebels may set a booby trap on a friendly/neutral building

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Where should we put it?
- Rebel asking the Commander where to put the dynamite on.

Booby Traps are an upgrade for GLA Rebels, allowing them to rig a friendly/neutral building with explosives. If an enemy tries to capture or enter the building, the explosives detonate, killing them. These traps are stealthed, and can only be spotted by units with stealth detecting ability. Construction Dozers and Workers can disarm these traps safely, but cannot spot them on their own.

That structure will do...heh heh heh!
- Rebel

They are used in Operation: Black Gold where Doctor Thrax ordered his Rebels to plant these on an oil field at Amistad in Iran, but the American Commander spotted these traps with his Pathfinders and sent his Construction Dozers to disarm them, allowing the oil field to be safely captured. A Rebel, during the Flight of Deathstrike, planted one of these on a Tech Artillery Platform before a GLA base was recaptured. This is used in all missions thereafter like a Demo trap.


  • Unused Booby Trap icons

    The booby trap uses a similar selection picture as the Tank Hunter's TNT Attack. A separate booby trap selection picture does exist in the game files, but it's unused.
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