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RA3 Boot Camp Icons

Boot Camp is an Allied infantry training structure in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


The compound is composed of two pre-fabricated structures containing living quarters, armory, training room, and ammenities required to prepare and deploy soldiers and dogs. A Peacekeeper patrols the walkway atop the building. It requires proximity to a Command Hub or Allied construction yard with top secret clearance to reach full potential.

Trained infantry

Icon Unit Requirements Cost Build time
RA3 Attack Dog Icons Attack dog none 150 0:04
RA3 Peacekeeper Icons Peacekeeper none 200 0:05
RA3 Javelin Soldier Icons Javelin soldier none 300 0:05
RA3 Allied Engineer Icons Engineer none 500 0:10
RA3 Spy Icons Spy Heightened Clearance 1000 0:10
RA3U Cryo Legionaires Icons Cryo Legionnaire
(Uprising only)
Heightened Clearance, Defense bureau 1500 0:15
RA3 Tanya Icons Tanya Max Clearance 2000 0:30


  • The Peacekeeper standing watch atop the camp is purely cosmetic; he will not fire at enemies.
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