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This is the last day of your basic training. Time is short and the Soviets may attack soon. Listen to your sergeant, learn what you can, and prepare for battle.
- Mission briefing

Boot Camp - Day 2 is the second and final training mission of Red Alert 2 before the start of the Allied campaign. During this mission, the Allied Commander is in control of the Blue Team, and is tasked with defeating the Red Team in a mock battle.[1]

Key units[]

RA2 GI Cameo RA2 Allied MCV Cameo


The mission will start with the arrival of the MCV on the top left corner. The sergeant will instruct the Commander to move the MCV to the open ground on the east to deploy it as the Construction Yard. Upon the MCV deployment, the Commander will be instructed to build the Power Plant, the Ore Refinery and the Barracks. The Commander may also collect Crates, which will provide a cash bonus, on the mountain near the open ground where the MCV is deployed.

Crates can be collected for special bonuses, this crate contains a cash bonus.
- Sergeant, if the player collects the crate located on a mountain near his base

Once the construction of the Barracks finishes, the Commander will be instructed to train enough GIs to destroy the Red Team. The sergeant will tell the Commander that the GIs are armed with rubber bullets for this mission.

Your GIs are armed with rubber bullets for this mission. In real combat, they would, of course, be shooting real bullets.
- Sergeant, just before Red Team's attack

As soon as enough GIs are trained, the Commander will then engage into the battle with the Red Team, with a few deployed GIs guarding the base beyond the bridge. Once they are eliminated, the Commander is then free to destroy the Construction Yard and Power Plants. Once the entire Red Team base is destroyed, the training will finish, and the Commander will be ready to take on the first mission.


  • If the player garrisons a nearby outhouse, the sergeant will comment that it's not the time for potty breaks, and the GI automatically leaves the outhouse.
  • Even though the GIs are said to be armed with rubber bullets, their weapons somehow still have enough power to destroy enemy buildings, and downed GIs are still shown to be dead. These are most likely simplifications for the sake of gameplay.





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