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The boot camp is the Allies's infantry training center in Red Alert Mobile.


The boot camp was the successor to the Allied barracks that was used during the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster.

After Cherdenko's interference with the timeline, a different design of the boot camp was used.

Game building

The boot camp can train the following units:

Icon Name Description
RAM Sprite A Peacemaker.png Peacemaker
  • Allies' basic infantry unit
  • Effective against other infantry units
RAM Sprite A Javelin.png Javelin soldier
  • Allies' anti-armour and anti-air infantry unit
  • Effective against armour and light air
RAM Sprite A Attack Dog.png Attack dog
  • Allies' anti-infantry scout
  • Effective against other infantry units
RAM Sprite A Engineer.png Engineer
  • Allies' field support infantry
  • Can capture enemy buildings and tech structures
RAM Sprite A Legionnaire.png Legionnaire
  • Allies' elite infantry unit
  • Effective against enemy structures


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