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There is a special cargo that needs to be transported to a nearby Soviet base in the northeast. Make sure the trucks reach their destination intact. Along the way, there is a bridge which the Allies may have destroyed. If so, use the Naval options at your disposal. Our attack subs will make short work of any Allied boats you discover.
- Mission briefing

Bridge over the River Grotzny is the sixth Soviet mission in Red Alert 1.


Following the capture of Khalkis Island near Greece, Stavros was affected by this and caused a mournful retreat to Eastern Europe. A bridge in Yugoslavia must be crossed to win overall successes on the continent. Stalin sends his personalized Commander to take the bridge, not realizing that Stavros ordered a blow-out on the bridge to prevent further consequences.


With the bridge to cross first, Stalin was proud of his new Commander, who received a promotion. The Allies ran from the battle, but were defeated at a second bridge which the Soviets had a convoy to which they escaped from Allied forces, attempting to stop them.


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