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Britain, known as the United Kingdom or Great Britain is a country in north-west Europe. The UK has been a prominent member of the United Nations  since the beginnings of the organization itself. It has been a member of the European Union and its predecessor the European Economic Community since 1973; it is also a member of the GDI in the Tiberium Universe.


Look at the size of that thing!!
Jones! Grab the kids! Move! Move! Move!

- Civilians horrified at the Scrin invasion of London.

In 1999, Francis Weatherell became the Prime Minister of this country. Adam Locke was appointed Supreme GDI Commander, while both Dariel MacInnis and Nigel Grant were in the First Tiberium War. At the end of Cradle Of My Temple, Kane gave a Nod commander the option of destroying the Houses of Parliament with the hacked Ion Cannon.

In 2030, the Mammoth Mk. II project was brought out in Britain's testing and research facility. Nod forces quickly invaded the country in wintertime and destroyed the entire project by a famed Nod Commander (TWII). By 2042, Britain was in GDI's Blue Zone for supporting the faction and in 2047, Scrin forces attacked London in destruction of a civilian population center as GDI troops couldn't resist the attack. In 2062, Kane brought the Tacitus to Manchester to show GDI leaders there inside a conference room in their main base.

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