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Direct hit! Target has been destroyed, return to base. Delivery is free for today only, hahahahaha!
- MIG pilots after the factory's hit

Broken Alliances is the fourth mission in the Chinese campaign of Generals. It is a mission to destroy a GLA-captured toxin factory that was being used to manufacture chemical weapons.[1]

Key units

Gen1 Black Lotus Icons.png Gen1 Hacker Icons.png Gen1 Red Guard Icons.png


After receiving reports that a cell of the GLA had built a chemical weapons laboratory in Tibet, the Chinese High Command quickly decided that this threat is needed to be quickly eliminated, before the GLA could use the factory to create more potent toxins. Destroying the facility with conventional means would cause the chemicals stored in the factory to spill to the Yangtze and cause the death of millions in China.


First Airstrike

As the destruction of the factory by conventional weaponry would cause the chemical containment tanks to rupture and spill into the Yangtze, a pair of MiGs were quickly dispatched to strike the factory, destroying it and burning away any chemicals in the resulting firestorm.

The MiGs were unable to complete their mission as both MiGs were shot down by Stinger Sites hidden in the nearby mountains. A recovered black box recording illustrated that without his wingman's targeting, the first MiG was unable to fire on the factory. Ground troops were then paradropped into a nearby PLA base to destroy the Stinger Site gunners, which would allow a second strike to be successfully carried out.

The Raid

After paradropping a squad of infantry, Black Lotus led the team to the first Stinger Site, leaving their base. Quickly eliminating it and the nearby defenders, another squad of infantry was dropped in. Forming up, the platoon moved onto the next two sites, finishing them after a short fight. Trouble rose, when a Toxin Tractor was found guarding the only nearby bridge that spanned the Yangtze. Disabling it, Black Lotus moved back and allowed the Tank Hunter soldiers to finish it off, followed by the Stinger Site nearby.

Retaking a captured PLA war factory, the commando team gained access to armored vehicles, giving them a much needed advantage in moving through a local village and the main GLA base to the north. Using newly built armored vehicles, the PLA forces swiftly eliminated the base and moved across the second bridge. Finally eliminating the last Stinger Site, a trio of MiGs destroyed the factory.


The raid was deemed a complete success, with few casualties and the destruction of a main GLA base and chemical factory. Though some chemicals were seen flowing into the river, PLA officials deemed the concentrations were too low to be any threats on the nearby Tibetan population. Lin Zhong congratulated the honorable Chinese Commander for the operation, but was called up by by the PLA High command to root out the GLA forces in Central Asia.


To achieve nil to light casualties:

  • Use Red Guards to eliminate the Stinger Site guards. Use the Tank Hunters to destroy the infrastructure.
  • Drop a mine on the Toxin Tractor and use Black Lotus' to disable the vehicle.
  • Do not ever destroy the War Factory.
  • Retreat all armor and garrison a civilian structure to eliminate the last Stinger Site.


  • Tanggula Mountains was in reality, inhabitable by Tibetans and not Uyghur people. Women wearing Islamic clothes are non-existent in this area.
  • MiGs in reality can fire on targets themselves and never need a partner.
  • If the player tries to attack the factory, it cannot be damaged as it is scripted for the MiGs to destroy it at the end of the mission.
  • If Black Lotus dies, a plane simply paradrop a new one.



Mission cutscenes
Mission playthrough


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