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Brotherhood. Unity. Peace.
- Nod motto

The Brotherhood of Nod, often shortened to Nod or the Brotherhood, was an organization with the characteristics of a religious movement, a multinational corporation, and a nation-state. It was classified as a terrorist group by the Global Defense Initiative.[4]

The origin of Nod was shrouded in mystery, with the group itself claiming that it existed since before 1800 BC.[1][5] It rose to prominence in 1995, when a meteorite carrying Tiberium landed near Tiber river in Italy.[6] During this period, Nod launched a series of terrorist attacks all over the world. In response, the United Nations founded the Global Defense Initiative, a multinational military alliance with the goal of eliminating multinational terrorism.[7][8]

The conflict between Nod and GDI escalated into a world war in the late 1990s, and would later be known as the First Tiberium War.[9] Though Nod was defeated during the war, it returned time and time again in the decades that followed, leading to the Second and Third Tiberium War. Finally, at the end of the Fourth Tiberium War in 2077, the entire Brotherhood of Nod and Kane achieved Ascension through Threshold 19, leaving Earth behind and putting an end to the conflicts between Nod and GDI for good.[2][3]

The central tenets of Nod's beliefs included the worship of Tiberium, which they saw as the catalyst for the next stage of human evolution;[10][11] the worship of Kane, Nod's charismatic leader, believed to be immortal by many within the Brotherhood;[9] and the Ascension prophecy, a mythological reward promised to Nod's followers by Kane.[12]

In addition, Nod consistently presented itself as the voice of the oppressed masses, and worked to unite the downtrodden and the disenfranchised against the GDI, which it painted as a fascist group subservient to the wealthy western nations and global elites.[1][5][13][14]


Early history[]

Our relationship with Tiberium has always been greatly misunderstood. Most people do not realize that the roots of our faith extend back several millennia, long before the emergence of the green crystal on Earth in 1995... an event prophesied by our great leader, Kane.
- Nod orientation briefing(src)
CNCR Ancient Nod Tomb

An ancient tomb with scorpion motif in Africa

The Brotherhood's exact origin is unknown. According to the Brotherhood itself, it originated millennia ago.[5] While GDI dismissed this claim as exaggerated,[1] it did recognize that the Brotherhood was "an ancient and secret society".[7]

There were several pieces of evidence that seem to support Nod's claim of an ancient origin. During his mission to rescue Dr. Ignatio Mobius from a Nod research facility, GDI commando Nick Seymour Parker discovered an ancient tomb decorated with statues of scorpions.[15] Several ancient artifacts apparently depicting the killing of Abel by Cain were also seen in Nod temples, seemingly lending credence to the Nod belief that Kane was, in fact, the Biblical Cain.[16]

In 1995, a Tiberium meteor crashed near Tiber river in Italy, bringing the alien substance to Earth. According to Nod, this event was prophesied by Kane.[5] Kane himself claimed that Nod was responsible for the discovery of Tiberium, and that he personally named it after the Roman emperor Tiberius.[17] Whether or not these statements were true is unclear, but Nod did pioneer advanced Tiberium harvesting techniques. As Tiberium became a precious commodity, Nod quickly dominated the global Tiberium market, granting it significant economic power.[18]

First Tiberium War[]

Main article: First Tiberium War

In response to a series of terrorist attacks orchestrated by Nod, the United Nations passed the United Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA) on October 12, 1995, forming the Global Defense Initiative,[1] a global peacekeeping force with the goal of eliminating multinational terrorism.[7][9]

Initially, GDI forces had the upper hand. However, the tide of the war turned when Nod propaganda claiming that GDI slaughtered the Polish town of Białystok, forcing the United Nations to suspend funding for GDI while they conduct an internal investigation. With GDI forces weakened, Nod went on the offensive, attacking GDI positions while continuing to smear GDI in the media. Kane himself even sent a taunting message to GDI Commander James Solomon, admitting his manipulation of the media and claiming that the GDI had already lost.

However, the funding suspension was revealed to be a trick: the UN never believed that GDI had conducted atrocities and this was all part of plan to lull Kane into a false sense of security. With funding restored, GDI forces pushed back against Nod forces, destroying a Nod Bio-Research Laboratory in Yugoslavia, where Kane was personally overseeing Tiberium-based human experiments.

Though Kane escaped before the destruction of the lab, GDI was able to pinpoint the location of Nod's headquarters: the Temple of Nod in Sarajevo. After a three-day siege, the Temple was destroyed by a GDI ion cannon, presumably killing Kane and ending the war. However, Kane's body was never recovered.

Second Tiberium War[]

Main article: Second Tiberium War

Following the apparent death of Kane and the destruction of the Temple of Nod, Nod general Hassan became the new leader of the Brotherhood. Unbeknownst to most of the Brotherhood, however. Hassan was a GDI puppet who kept the Brotherhood complacent while labeling those who were truly loyal to Kane as traitors.

One such Kane loyalists, Anton Slavik, was scheduled to be publicly executed in 2030. However, he was saved by Oxanna Kristos, who had been feigning loyalty to Hassan. After Slavik and the forces loyal to him overthrew Hassan, Kane revealed himself to the Brotherhood via television, alive and well.

On September 2, 2030, the Brotherhood launched a coordinated attack on GDI forces worldwide, beginning the Second Tiberium War. Caught by surprise, GDI lost many key bases, including Phoenix Base and Hammerfest. However, GDI commander Michael McNeil, together with his Forgotten allies, were able to turn the tide of the war.

Late into the war, Kane began launching chemical missiles, which transform whatever they touched into pure Tiberium at the atomic level. According to the Forgotten leader Tratos, this missile was based on the secrets from the Tacitus and that Kane had tricked him into translating the Tacitus for him.

Eventually, the mutant Umagon was captured by Kane and taken to his headquarters, the Cairo Nod Pyramid. There, Kane revealed to her that he was planning to transform Earth into "a virgin paradise... an Eden, awaiting the birth of a new race". To do so, he intended to launch the World Altering Missile, a missile capable of converting the entire Earth into Tiberium. He then subjected Umagon to Tiberium enhancement, intending to turn her into the first of the new race capable of surviving in the Tiberium world.

However, McNeil launched an unauthorized attack on Cairo and stopped the launch of the missile. Kane confronted McNeil in the Nod Pyramid, holding Umagon hostage. However, after Umagon freed herself, McNeil impaled Kane with a piece of debris, apparently killing him and putting an end to the war.

Firestorm Conflict[]

Main article: Firestorm Conflict

With Kane's second apparent death, the Brotherhood fractured once more. The Inner Circle, a council of Nod generals, bickered among themselves, despite efforts by Anton Slavik to unite them. In order to restore order, Slavik ordered a commander loyal to him to recapture the data core of CABAL, Nod's AI advisor during the Second Tiberium War.

After its reactivation, CABAL began manipulating both GDI and Nod: engineering the death of Tratos and the capture of the Tacitus, including its previously unknown missing portion. After gaining access to the complete Tacitus, it took control of Nod's entire cyborg army and began attacking GDI and Nod forces alike, killing the entire Inner Circle save for Slavik.

As CABAL declared war against all of humanity, converting the able-bodied into cyborgs and slaughtering the rest, GDI and Nod were forced to put their differences aside and join forces against the AI. Eventually, CABAL was destroyed by the combined GDI-Nod forces. With the entire Inner Circle dead, the Brotherhood was fully reunited under Anton Slavik. Unbeknownst to them, however, Kane was still alive in a suspension capsule within one of CABAL's bunkers.

Second fracturing and reunification[]

The Brotherhood's newfound unity proved to be relatively short-lived. Slavik eventually revealed himself to be a Black Hand prelate, drawing much attention to this once secretive "cult within a cult". Soon, an anti-Slavik faction rose within the Black Hand, and from within this faction emerged a charismatic and impassioned preacher capable of rivaling Slavik - Brother Marcion.

Sensing an opportunity to remove Slavik and divide the Brotherhood once more, GDI sent an undercover agent to infiltrate the Black Hand. The agent, masquerading as an orthodox Nod fanatic, gained Marcion's trust and convinced him to assassinate Slavik. Following Slavik's death, Nod splintered into countless sub-factions, each claiming legitimacy. Marcion and his followers went into self-imposed exile in the Australian outback, with Marcion denouncing Kane and claiming himself to be the true prophet.

Meanwhile, Kane remained fully conscious but unable to act in the suspension capsule, his mind having somehow absorbed the remnants of CABAL. To prevent himself from descending into madness, he focused on his plans and realized that while CABAL left little more than wanton destruction, there was something great within its very conception. Eventually, he healed enough to exit the suspension capsule and created LEGION, a combat AI derived from CABAL and preserved fragments of the Tacitus.

In 2034, Kane activated LEGION and ordered it to reunite the fractured remnants of the Brotherhood and reclaim its lost technologies. In a series of engagements, LEGION successfully brought numerous Nod sub-factions, including Marcion's Black Hand, back into the fold. Finally, it attacked GDI's Institute for Tiberium Research, causing a massive liquid Tiberium detonation that transformed much of the Australian outback into a Red Zone and signalling Nod forces worldwide that the Brotherhood has returned. Satisfied with LEGION's performance, Kane put it to sleep in order to improve it further.

Third Tiberium War[]

Main article: Third Tiberium War

In 2046, LEGION was awoken and tasked with capturing the blueprints for GDI's ion cannon network. LEGION was successful, allowing Nod intelligence to identify a key weakness in GDI's seemingly inpenetrable A-SAT defense system: it was controlled from Goddard Space Center, a poorly defended ground-based installation.

The attack on the Goddard Space Center was entrusted by Kane to a Legendary Insurgent who distinguished himself at Honduras and during the Rio Insurrection. After the control system was destroyed, GDI's missile defenses were shut down, allowing them to destroy GDI's global headquarters, the GDSS Philadelphia, along with all GDI high ranking officials (who were aboard the station for the Annual Energy Summit).


On Tiberium[]

GDI and the Brotherhood view the benefits... and the threats of Tiberium differently. They see a scientific anomaly, a curiosity. I see the future.
- Kane(src)

The Brotherhood of Nod viewed Tiberium as the single most powerful substance on the planet and the future of mankind. Though the Brotherhood acknowledged Tiberium was a dangerous substance, it believed its benefits outweighed any risks.[19] A core belief within the Brotherhood was that as Tiberium transformed the planet, humanity would be transformed into a new race capable of surviving in the new world, as demonstrated by the Nod prayer: "Let the earth be transformed, let those who believe in the power of Tiberium be transformed with it."[20]

During the Second Tiberium War, Nod began experimenting with a process called Divination, which apparently involved controlled injection of Tiberium into the bloodstream, to accelerate the emergence of this supposed new race.[21][22] Ironically, Nod did not consider the Forgotten, humans who were mutated by Tiberium and were immune to Tiberium poisoning as a result, to be divine. Instead, they viewed the Forgotten as little more than pawns to be manipulated and frequently kidnapped them to be used as components for cyborgs and test subjects for Divination during the Second Tiberium War.[22][23] Kane seemed to imply that the new race he envisioned, unlike the Forgotten, would be unrecognizable as humans.[22]

Because of their belief in the power of Tiberium, Nod was far more willing than GDI to exploit Tiberium, both for funding and as weapons and tools. Thanks to Tiberium mining, Nod grew from a collection of impoverished people from Third World countries to an economic power house.[9] It also developed a range of Tiberium-based weapons throughout its history, from the chemical warriors' Tiberium-based chemical spray to the liquid Tiberium bomb.

On Kane[]

As the leader of the Brotherhood, Kane was worshiped as the Prophet, with the Brotherhood claiming that he prophesied the arrival of Tiberium on Earth.

Following the First Tiberium War, Kane had reached mythical status among Nod's followers, despite (or perhaps because of) his apparent death. A common Nod rallying cry during this period was "Kane lives in death".[24] In the same vein, a Nod belief during this period was the "spirit hand of Kane", a form of divine intervention.[25] Kane's reputation as an immortal Messiah was only further cemented when he returned to the Brotherhood prior to the beginning of the Second Tiberium War,[26] and once again at the beginning of the Third Tiberium War.[27]

Another common belief among the Brotherhood was that Kane was the Biblical Cain, a belief that Kane himself saw no need to dispel. This belief was only strengthened by Kane's aforementioned ability to repeatedly cheat death. Former InOps officer Lia Suskind speculated that Nod members wanted to believe that Kane was immortal, as this belief implied they could become immortal as well.[16]

Nod as liberators[]

Ever since its rise to prominence, Nod consistently portrayed itself as the voice of the oppressed masses, with much of its power base in developing countries, and later, Yellow Zones. Nod propaganda characterized its nemesis, the Global Defense Initiative, as an elitist organization, subservient to the western first world nations.[28] Kane himself has been known to use anti-establishment, anti-western rhetoric to ensure compliance within his armies.[9] During the Second Tiberium War, Nod propaganda also targeted the Forgotten, claiming that they fought to secure peace for the Forgotten and that their medical colonies were producing new medicine to reverse their mutation.[28] In truth, however, these "medical colonies" were used to conduct human experiments on mutants.[29]

GDI's evolution into a global superstate following the Second Tiberium War only provided more ammunition for Nod's propaganda machine. Nod propaganda circa 2047 labelled GDI as a "fascist political consortium of wealthy nations", accusing them of hording the pristine Blue Zones for themselves while relegating Nod followers to the inhospitable Yellow Zones.[5] Meanwhile, while GDI neglected most Yellow Zones, Nod provided them with food, medicine, security, and religious aid.[14][30] In return, the Yellow Zones served as a fertile recruiting ground for Nod and allowed the Brotherhood to conceal its political, military, and logistical infrastructure.[4][31]

Ultimately, however, Kane viewed the Yellow Zones as expendable - his plan to detonate a liquid Tiberium bomb under Sarajevo, the Brotherhood's de facto capital at the time, turned much of the surrounding Yellow Zone into a Red Zone and killed millions, showing that he was perfectly willing to sacrifice the lives of Yellow Zone residents in order to achieve his goals.


Arguably the strangest and most esoteric of Nod's beliefs, "ascension" was the ultimate goal of Kane - and by extension, the Brotherhood during the Third Tiberium War and beyond.[32] Exactly what ascension entailed appeared to be unknown, even to high-ranking members of the Brotherhood. However, Kane promised it as the reward for the Legendary Insurgent and the other members of the Inner Circle.[33][34]

According to GDI intelligence, the Tacitus was key to the ascension prophecies, which were described as "the core mythology around which Kane built the Brotherhood of Nod", implying that the belief was as old as the Brotherhood itself.[12] During TW3, Kane himself stated to the Legendary Insurgent that he learned of an upcoming alien invasion from the Tacitus and saw it as an opportunity.[35] In the final phase of the war, Kane took great pain to secure the completion of one of the alien towers.[36] This tower would ultimately allow the Brotherhood to apparently achieve ascension at the end of the Fourth Tiberium War.

TS Nod logo transparent The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Sun and might contradict canon.

Following the successful launch of the World Altering Missile, Kane was enveloped in a strange light and disappeared. It is unclear if this is a form of ascension.

TS Nod logo transparent End of information based on the Nod campaign for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

Internal power structure[]

Power shifts quickly in the Brotherhood.
- Seth(src)

Throughout its different iterations, the Brotherhood's hierarchy shifted many times. However, a theme that remained consistent was in-fighting among the various leaders to further their own interest. While this encouraged Nod leaders to become more cunning and ruthless, it also gave the Brotherhood a tendency to splinter in Kane's absence, due to the lack of a powerful leader capable of unifying the entire organization.

Very little is known about the Brotherhood hierarchy during the First Tiberium War, other than that Kane served as the supreme leader, with Seth serving as his right hand man. Following Kane's apparent death at the end of the war, the Brotherhood was led by Hassan, a puppet installed by GDI, who kept the rest of the Brotherhood complacent using media propaganda while he framed those who were still loyal to Kane, such as Anton Slavik, as traitors and executed them. However, prior to the start of the Second Tiberium War, Hassan was overthrown by Slavik. At his execution, Kane revealed himself to the Brotherhood and resumed the leadership role.

After Kane was apparently killed at the Cairo Nod Pyramid, Slavik struggled for power with the Inner Circle, a group of five Nod generals. It is unclear whether the Inner Circle existed during the Second Tiberium War or if they were only founded after Kane's apparent death. This power struggle abruptly ended when CABAL slaughtered the Inner Circle during the Firestorm Conflict, making Slavik the undisputed leader of the Brotherhood.

Following the Firestorm Conflict, a new Inner Circle attempted but failed to heal the rift within the Black Hand, caused by ideological conflicts between Slavik and Marcion. Ultimately, Slavik was assassinated by one of Marcion's followers, and the Brotherhood splintered once more, with Marcion's new Black Hand being the largest of the splinter factions.

Following the reunification of Nod in 2034 under Kane, the Inner Circle was reestablished, and General Kilian Qatar served as Kane's second-in-command. After Kilian was executed for her apparent betrayal, the Legendary Insurgent filled her vacancy in the Inner Circle.

Nod military doctrine[]

...Nod operational doctrine states that commanders should control the tempo of combat operations, avoiding direct contact with the enemy until the time and place are just right. Stealth, speed, mobility, force composition, and operational flexibility are the key to success...
- Excerpt from the Brotherhood Combat Operations Manual(src)

Though its military technology evolved over its existence, the Brotherhood's military doctrine has always focused on stealth and subterfuge. This was exemplified in its use of stealth technology: from the "Ezekiel's Wheel" stealth tank from the First Tiberium War to the stealth generator and disruption tower seen in later conflicts. In general, Nod forces favoured stealth and mobility over durability and firepower.

Nod also made frequent use of unorthodox and experimental weapons, including flamethrowers, NBC weapons, and Tiberium-based weapons. The most disturbing of these weapons was perhaps Nod's cyborgs - human beings with armor and weapons melded to their flesh, completely stripped of their humanity and free will.

Technological level[]

For the technology of peace!
- Nod rallying cry during the Second Tiberium War

Nod pioneered Tiberium harvesting technology

In various ways, the Brotherhood of Nod has always been technologically superior to GDI, an organization backed by and effectively operated on behalf of the United Nations, and, more specifically, economically and technologically developed nations. It is not fully known how Nod achieved such a state of unique technological superiority, though it is often linked to their access to and study of allegedly alien technology, and their monopoly on Tiberium, which provided them with vast amounts of wealth, both financially and scientifically. The Brotherhood has constructed, owned, and operated many state-of-the-art research institutes, and hired out research teams globally. Oftentimes, these institutes and related facilities were kept highly secret, and hidden from academia and especially from national and international bio-ethics committees.

A contributing factor for Nod's lead in Tiberium research is that, in general contrast to GDI, whose research tends to focus on removing Tiberium from Earth or safely using it as a resource, Nod puts an emphasis on using Tiberium to improve humans biologically and technologically as much as possible, whether it is for military or industrial use. The general prevailing belief in Nod is that Tiberium exists as an extraordinary tool, not GDI's view that it is a biohazard and plague to Earth's ecosystem that threatens natural life. This is evidenced by technologies Nod developed such as a program to forcibly evolve humans using Tiberium, an attempt to launch a missile that could potentially cover Earth's surface in Tiberium, and a Tiberium-based bomb that killed billions, as well as being used to draw the Scrin to Earth prematurely.

First Tiberium War[]

  • Laser technology: Nod used laser technology in large defense systems referred to as Obelisks of Light in major bases. Miniaturized laser rifles such as the Firefly laser rifle and the laser chaingun were also observed among Black Hand elite troopers.
  • Stealth technology: Nod successfully developed a technology that would render a vehicle invisible to the naked eye, deployed in stealth tanks (codenamed "Ezekiel's Wheel") and stealth soldiers.
  • Artificial intelligence: a primitive predecessor to the Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform (CABAL) was under development, but damaged due to incursions by GDI commando Nick "Havoc" Parker.
  • Chemical: Nod widely used chemical warriors.
  • Nuclear weaponry: although rarely used, Nod held considerable amounts of nuclear warheads.
  • Tiberium research: apart from researching the very essence of Tiberium for scientific, economical, and even philosophical reasons, Nod weaponized it as early as the First Tiberium War. Several commonly seen rifles used Tiberium weaponry. In addition, Nod experimented with infusing humans with Tiberium to create loyal mutants as part of Project ReGenesis.

Second Tiberium War and Firestorm Conflict[]

  • Artificial intelligence: CABAL was fully developed and activated, and became Nod's equivalent of a GDI Electronic Video Agent. It was sentient, but went rogue during the Firestorm Conflict, which forced Nod to steal a GDI EVA unit until CABAL was defeated and a proper replacement was found.
  • Laser technology: Nod improved upon laser technology seen in Obelisks of Light and widely deployed self-powered laser turrets. Lasers were also used as defensive barriers.
  • Stealth technology: a new generation of stealth tanks entered service, as well as static stealth generators. Spies used stealthed suits to infiltrate GDI bases. By the time of the Firestorm Conflict, mobile stealth generators entered production.
  • Cybernetics: among the mainstays of Nod forces during the Second Tiberium War were cyborgs and cyborg commandos. After the war, Cyborg Reapers were deployed. However, all cyborgs were connected to CABAL, who went rogue during the Firestorm Conflict, taking over complete control over all cyborgs during the conflict, which caused Nod to deactivate and hide all remaining cyborgs that were active or in development after CABAL was defeated.
  • Tiberium weaponry: Tiberium waste facilities developed and housed chemical missiles which were fueled by materials found on Tiberium veins. In addition, the launch of the World Altering Missile was Kane's ultimate goal during the Second Tiberium War, but GDI destroyed it before it could be used.
  • Subterranean technology: when not using already an already established tunnel network (which was, among else, used by the Montauk), Nod drilled new pathways underground using Devil's Tongue subterranean flame tanks and subterranean APCs.
  • Tacitus-based technology: Nod possessed an alien artifact known as the Tacitus for a long while. Upon inspection, Nod attempted to replicate technologies described therein, resulting in Banshee fighters and a replica of a Scrin ship.

Interbellum and Third Tiberium War[]

  • Stealth technology: having reclaimed their stealth technology data from the Steel Talons, who had captured it after the Second Tiberium War, Nod made extensive use of stealth generators, to conceal everything from individual units to a collection of structures; the new technology thwarts all but the newest and most capable GDI sensors. Nod also fielded systems that are able to spoof GDI sensors, creating duplicate radar images and visual mirages that fool the eye. The Black Hand rejected the use of stealth, however, due to religious reasons.
  • Artificial intelligence: LEGION, the replacement for CABAL, served under Kane after Nod splintered following the Firestorm Conflict. Near the end of the Third Tiberium War, however, it was injected with malicious software by Abbess Alexa Kovacs, due to her paranoia over the possibility of LEGION becoming the next CABAL. LEGION eventually managed to repair itself, and reawakened after the end of the war. On a smaller scale, the Black Hand used Mantes as their anti-air drones.
  • Tiberium weaponry: exotic Tiberium weapons have always been a Nod strength. Before the Third Tiberium War, Nod engineers and scientists worked on Catalyst missiles that detonate existing Tiberium fields with terrible force, Tiberium seeding bombs that create new Tiberium fields, Tiberium-based toxins, and even a liquid Tiberium bomb capable of luring the Scrin to Earth.
    • Tiberium infusion: Nod also developed a "Tiberium elixir", capable of increasing the metabolism of its foot soldiers while also rendering them immune to Tiberium exposure. Details regarding this procedure is unclear.
  • Mechanized walkers: while GDI began retiring walkers, Nod developed their own designs, solving many of the problems present in GDI walkers. It is rumored that Nod stole the original walker technology from GDI, then took advantage of research in other areas to accelerate the development of new walkers. These include Purifiers, Avatars, and Redeemers.
  • Energy weapons: while GDI works to incrementally perfect the Ion Cannon technology, Nod has focused on weaponry that can be deployed on mobile platforms, including lasers and particle beams. Immediately prior to TW3, Nod has fielded powerful beam cannons on a six-wheeled chassis that are highly mobile and yet lethal at long distances; they can also work together by combining beams and striking over-the-horizon targets with a single coordinated blast of energy.
    • Laser technology: laser weapons saw extensive use both in both offensive and defensive roles. A new hub-based laser turret is used as anti-vehicle defense. and the new Obelisk of Light is capable of obliterating vehicles with charged shots or incinerating infantry squads with a sweeping laser. Laser fencing was used to protect vital structures. Certain Nod vehicles can be upgraded with Spitfire laser capacitors, while Nod's walkers come standard with laser weapons.
  • Psychological warfare: a relatively new field of technology, Nod Confessors carried hallucinogenic grenade, which can cause enemy infantry to attack each other. The Purifier is equipped with a subliminal projection device that inspires nearby allies, and the Redeemer's rage generator, based on the same technology, can drive enemy units berserk temporarily via subliminal brainwave modification.
  • Cybernetics: although Nod shied away from using cyborgs in their armies after the CABAL incident, after Nod was severely weakened after the Third Tiberium War, LEGION activated the Marked of Kane, an army made up of fallen Nod soldiers reanimated using cybernetics. also implanted these cyborgs and even some human infantry with upgraded cybernetic legs.

Fourth Tiberium War[]

Notable Brotherhood members[]

Units of Nod[]


Symbols of the Brotherhood[]

The symbol of the organization is a black-rimmed red chamfered triangle enclosing a black curved scorpion's tail. In the Third Tiberium War, protruding spikes were added to the design and the scorpion tail and triangle were given a white outline.

Loading screens[]


Behind the scenes[]

  • During the development of Tiberian Dawn, Nod was an abbreviation that stood for the "New Order of Diplomacy" and Kane held the self-appointed rank of "Grand Exalted Minister".[37] Though this abbreviation would later be dropped on release, Westwood would still sometimes stylize the faction's name as "NOD" in subsequent titles such as Tiberian Sun and Renegade to match the capitalization of GDI's abbreviation.


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