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AF Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of The Aftermath and might contradict canon.

The Molotov brothers, prominent arms dealers for our comrades in foreign lands, are suspected of having dealings with the Allies. Such an idea is preposterous, but the Molotov brothers have access to sensitive information, and we must know the truth of the matter.

Use your spy to infiltrate the compound and observe the brothers activities.

If they are indeed involved with the Allies, return to your drop-off point, signal for reinforcements, and deal with them as all traitors are. Kill them.
- Mission briefing

Brothers in Arms is the seventh Soviet mission in the The Aftermath expansion.[1]


The Molotov brothers are prominent arms dealers suspected of having dealings with the Allies. As a result, a Soviet spy is sent in to eavesdrop on their activities. After they are proven to be traitors, the spy will bring in reinforcements to finish off the brothers and their followers. Unfortunately, the spy is discovered as well and will not survive to further aid the Soviets.

The enemy base initially appeared to be inactive, but gap generators and an ore refinery are constructed once the Soviet MCV is deployed. The Molotov brothers received aid from Tanya Adams and mostly Allied naval vessels.



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