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AF Gameicon The following is based on the missions of The Aftermath and might contradict canon.

The Molotov brothers, prominent arms dealers for our comrades in foreign lands, are suspected of having dealings with the Allies. Such an idea is preposterous, but the Molotov brothers have access to sensitive information, and we must know the truth of the matter.

Use your spy to infiltrate the compound and observe the brothers activities.

If they are indeed involved with the Allies, return to your drop-off point, signal for reinforcements, and deal with them as all traitors are. Kill them.
- Mission briefing

Brothers in Arms is the seventh Soviet mission in the The Aftermath expansion.[1]


The Molotov brothers are prominent arms dealers suspected of having dealings with the Allies. As a result, a Soviet spy is sent in to eavesdrop on their activities. After they are proven to be traitors, the spy will bring in reinforcements to finish off the brothers and their followers. Unfortunately, the spy is discovered as well and will not survive to further aid the Soviets.

The enemy base initially appeared to be inactive, but gap generators and an ore refinery are constructed once the Soviet MCV is deployed. The Molotov brothers received aid from Tanya Adams and mostly Allied naval vessels.


The player starts with a spy. Avoid dogs and vehicles then infiltrate the brothers base. Once the spy escapes the command post get the spy to the starting point where he will signal for reinforcements. The spy will die from a dog but the reinforcements will deliver tanks and infantry which will escort an MCV to a place to build a base. Get the economy running up and heavy tanks ASAP otherwise the traitorous brothers tanks will outnumber the Soviet player with either light tanks or heavy tanks. Beware of MiGs, Tanya and the Allied fleet. Get SAM sites, tesla coils and submarines to defeat them. When the MCV is deployed the brothers base will get a GAP generator and an ore refinery to defend their base. Find the technology center and a truck to get resources. Get heavy tanks, yaks and V2s to destroy the soviet traitors. Once the enemy base is destroyed and the brothers killed the mission is a win.


  • The triggered/timed events to watch out for are as follow:
    • The Molotov Brothers' base will only become operational (i.e. start building a refinery & producing units) once you deploy your MCV.
      • It means that you can carefully invade the Brothers' base with your starting force, destroy their production facilities (Barracks, War Factory, Construction Yard), and then deploy your MCV - making it so you won't have to deal with their ground forces.
      • To do so, most defences can be taken out with your Tesla Tank from out their range except the Tesla Coil at the base's south entrance. To bring it offline, destroy the Power Plant in the southeast and move to the northwestern ore area, then attack the two Advanced ones from over the cliff. The two brothers will not move if you do not deploy your base. Kill them with the Tesla Tank at distance as well.
      • Beware of their air units (they start with a Hind) as your starting force has no anti-air capabilities. Only the War Factory requires you to put a unit in range of the Hind however. Try to attract its gunfire with your MCV.
    • As soon as you deploy your MCV, a naval force of 3 Destroyers and 1 Cruiser will spawn in the south and will circle the island, attacking your units/structures if they come in range.
      • This is a one-time event. It is advised to build a Sub Pen as soon as possible to deal with the Cruiser, otherwise it will wreck your base.
    • Every 10 minutes or so, a couple of Chrono Tanks will teleport near the gems in the southwest ore field, so be prepared to defend your harvesters there.
    • Every 10 minutes or so, a transport will spawn from the northeast corner and will land at the tip of the peninsula to the west of the map, letting out a lone Tanya who'll run for your structures.
      • Be prepared to have at least one defensive structure (or dog) on her path to prevent her from planting C4 on your buildings.



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