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Give me your lunch money!
- Brute
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Brutes were Yuri's anti-armour infantry units used during the second iteration of the Third World War.


The Brute is a mutated human, created by Yuri's twisted scientists. They dwarf normal humans in height and bulk. They possess superhuman strength and incredibly tough skin, making them capable of inflicting great damage and resistant to damage. However, these physical strengths are compensated for by their lack of intelligence. The process that converts humans into brutes seems to affect the minds of the latter, removing higher level thought and turning them into berserk monsters, only wanting to maim, crush and kill.

Brutes are capable of smashing tanks, buildings and skulls with just their fists, but incapable of wielding weapons due to their lack of intelligence, and the size of their hands and fingers. Furthermore, brutes are immune to the attacks of attack dogs, having arteries embedded too deep in their bodies for a dog to tear out. However, they are still vulnerable to terror drones' drills.

Brutes were fielded as tank hunters. During the war, they were the only infantry who actively used hand-to-hand combat. They were also quite fast for an infantry unit, allowing them to easily close in on slow-moving vehicles. This was ineffective against most infantry, as they had to reach individual infantrymen, during which time they were vulnerable to anti-infantry fire, as most infantry had such weaponry. However, one strike of a brute's fist literally broke infantry to pieces.

Brutes were the only non-flying infantry that could not enter an Allied Infantry Fighting Vehicle (the only other infantry units that could not do this were rocketeers and cosmonauts).

Brutes can also be created by the genetic mutator superweapon, which can turn any infantry, friendly or hostile, into brutes in the blast radius.


Brutes are vulnerable to artillery, base defenses and advanced anti-infantry soldiers. Although they were quite durable for an infantry unit, high-powered anti-personnel weapons such as sniper rifles and the desolator's radiation cannon killed them easily. Terror drones were also effective against them. Brutes, however, could not be mind-controlled, as their mutation reduced their intellect comparable to that of a second grade schoolyard bully. Additionally, they lacked any means of attacking anything that was not within arm's reach. While effective against all vehicles, the only vehicle that the Brute can be crushed by is the Battle Fortress, as the vehicle can also run over other vehicles.



  • Strong against tanks and infantry.
  • Quite fast for an infantry unit.
  • Well-armoured.
  • Cannot be run over by vehicles, except by Battle Fortresses.
  • Immune to attack dogs.
  • Cannot be mind-controlled.
  • Can be created by the genetic mutator from enemy or allied infantry.
  • Can survive two sniper hits.
  • Self-healing even without elite status.


  • Cannot attack aircraft.
  • Does not fare well against Apocalypse tanks, unless purchased in moderate numbers.
  • Quite vulnerable to anti-infantry fire and base defenses.
  • Melee attack.
  • Not immune to terror drones.
  • Can be beaten by deployed GIs, even in same number.
  • Somewhat similar to tank destroyers, except with more vulnerabilities.


- When selected
Give me something to break!
- When selected
I want to play!
- When selected
I like big toys!
- When selected
Ready to crush!
- When selected
Turn me loose!
- When moving
It's clobbering time, no?
- When moving
- When moving
- When moving
Come to papa!
- When ordered to attack
They're not my friends!
- When ordered to attack
Give me your lunch money!
- When ordered to attack
It's plaaaytiiime!
- When ordered to attack
I will break you!
- When ordered to attack
Ouch! That hurt!
- Under fire
I wanna go home!
- Under fire
I was only playing!
- Under fire
You make me mad!
- Under fire
- While attacking



  • Mutant Marauders, who appear in the Third Tiberium War, have voices that are similar to the brutes'.
  • They are similar in appearance to a Marvel comic book character Hulk (in early appearances, the Hulk even had a gray skin personality named Joe Fix It, like the Brutes). Additionally, their line "It is clobbering time, no?" is a reference to Joe Fix It, and The Thing, another comic book character in the Marvel universe.
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