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For more uses, see Buggy.

The buggy is the Nod anti-infantry recon vehicle in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


The buggy is one of the fastest units in Nod's vast army equipped with a machine gun it can do minimal damage to vehicles but excels in dealing with enemy infantry. Squishing enemy troops is also an option and is usually the easiest to carry out.



The buggy is the Nod equivalent to the GDI Humvee. Though it is slightly weaker in terms of health and armor, it is slightly faster compared to its GDI counterpart. Buggies are typically used in the early game of a match, as either a fast transport or an infantry killer.

The buggy is very vulnerable to most attacks. It is not recommended to use buggies against armored vehicles and buildings, as their machine guns do little damage against them.

Unlike Humvees against an Obelisk of Light, buggies tend to stand a better chance of rushing against an advanced guard tower, because of the latter's slower projectile speed.


Buggies are generally an annoyance, due to their speed and ability to mow down infantry either by crushing or shooting them with their machine guns.

In a vehicle fight, most GDI vehicles outdamage the buggy. Most advanced GDI weapons, such as the Volt automatic rifle and the person ion cannon, can destroy buggies rather quickly.



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