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For other uses, see Buggy.

Buggy and a gun
- Buggy when selected

The buggy is a common Nod vehicle in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


The Buggy is emblematic of Nod's early weapon design philosophy. Fast, inexpensive and lightly armored, the Buggy is able to zip around the battlefield performing reconnaissance, anti-infantry and anti-aircraft operations.


  • Strong against infantry Can target vehicles Strong against aircraft
  • Can attack both Air and Ground units.

Game unit

Buggy is a lightly armored anti-infantry vehicle which is able to cause headaches to all light infantry. It's rapid fire and ability to target air makes it especially useful against Drone swarm and Laser drones. The damage against vehicles is limited, but can provide significant chip damage that allows to bring down the vehicles faster.

In early game pairs up well with Attack bikes, which take care of light vehicles and medium aircraft, whereas buggy can handle infantry and drones, which Bikes struggle against.

If anti-air capabilities are not a priority, Cyberwheels and Venoms can substitute Buggies. Cyberwheels can see further, does similar damage to infantry, and is cheaper, but lose their firepower as the squad shrinks, and do insignificant damage to vehicles. Venom does more damage and can fly over obstacles, but switching to air tower is expensive in the early game.

The light armor makes it vulnerable to almost any anti-armor threat, but the fast movement speed allows Buggies to outrun their foes and seek more favorable match-ups.


Militant Laser Squad Attack Bikes Buggy Scorpion Tank Banshee
Oxanna Kristos Victor Bansemer
Militant Laser Squad Attack Bikes Buggy Inferno Phantom


  • 2018-06-28:
    • Rate of fire increased by 33%
    • Initial attack delay reduced to 0.25 seconds (was 0.5)
  • 2018-07-03: Attack Duration increased to 0.7 seconds (was 0.56)
  • 2018-11-06:
    • HP decreased to 1320 (was 1500)
    • Attack Speed slowed down to .75s (was .7s)
    • Speed decreased to 6.9 (was 9.3)
    • Damage:
      • to Infantry increased to 76 (was 60)
      • to Vehicles increased to 53 (was 50)
      • to Air increased to 67 (was 60)
  • 2018-12-06:
    • Damage vs Aircraft increased to 76 (was 67)
    • Speed increased to Fastest (was Fast)
  • 2019-03-13: Vision reduced 2 (was 3)
  • 2019-04-03: Attack Cooldown decreased to 0.66 (was 0.75)


When created

  • Ready to roll
  • Buggy, gassed up
  • Ready to go off-roadin'

When selected

  • What's needed?
  • Buggy and a gun
  • Attack buggy, checking in
  • Your command?

When moving

  • Advancing
  • Buggy on the move
  • Skedaddling
  • Buggy rolling

When moving to attack favorably

  • Fill them with holes!
  • The brotherhood is rising!
  • Gonna shred them!

When moving to attack neutral

  • Fixing for a fight
  • For the brotherhood!
  • If you say so
  • Alright!

When moving to attack unfavorably

  • No, crazy!
  • The glorious death!
  • Gonna take a beating

When unable to attack target

  • Negatory
  • No can do
  • Nu-huh

When attacking

  • Kill 'em all!
  • Their end is near!

When under attack

  • Taking a whooping!
  • Buggy, flipping!
  • Fall back!


  • Since Cyberwheel got introduced to Nod arsenal, Buggy has lost its scouting role.
  • Southern U.S. accent. Biker attitude.



Intell Report - Nod Buggy

See also

  • Rhino — GDI counterpart.
  • Venom — dedicated anti-infantry unit.
  • Cyberwheel — cheap anti-infantry vehicle.


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