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For more uses, see Buggy.

The Buggy is a light recon vehicle of Nod in Tiberian Dawn.


The Buggy is the Brotherhood's vehicle of choice for short-range recon and anti-infantry attacks. They can be armed with a range of light weapons, but are generally equipped with light machine guns. It can take on a variety of roles and use its superior agility and impressive speed to "bug out" of difficult situations, and is typically used for anti-infantry, patrol, escort, and short-range reconnaissance missions.

By the time of the Second Tiberium War, the Buggy was succeeded by the Attack Buggy.

Game unit

The equivalent to the GDI Humvee, the Buggy is the basic scout vehicle of Nod, designed to unshroud the area and harass enemy infantry. The Buggy can cross Tiberium fields without losing health and can be repaired, making it a good candidate for hit-and-run attacks, especially when paired with the Recon Bike.


The buggy is first available in mission Silencing Nikoomba.



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