Nod buggies were light desert patrol vehicles armed with M-60 machine guns fielded by Nod in the First Tiberium War. They had powerful engines, but no armour to speak of. As such they were used primarily as recon vehicles, infantry countermeasures and harassment units, capable of quickly attacking the enemy, dealing a few blows, and retreating before the main force would arrive.

However, they were also cheap, meaning that they could be quickly bought and ferried to Nod bases regardless of the place of conflict and serve as the last line of defense occupying the enemy long enough for the commanders to deploy effective base defenses.

Towards the end of the war, a new version of the buggy was put into production, featuring a completely enclosed two-seat cockpit, better suspension, armor plating and a single turreted .50 machine gun.

This buggy was succeeded by the attack buggy, which was developed based on the advanced version of the First Tiberium War patrol vehicle.

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