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A list of buildings found in Red Alert 3.

Tech Buildings

Icon Name Details
RA3 Garage Icons.png Garage Once captured, its owner's land vehicles gain auto repair.
RA3 Dry Dock Icons.png Dry Dock When captured by an engineer, the Dry Dock grants auto-repair to its owner's naval units. Amphibious units, such as the Riptide ACV, only benefit from the Dry Dock when they are on water.
RA3 Observation Post Icons.png Observation Post Once captured, it reveals a large part of the fog of war around itself as long as it is occupied.
RA3 Tech Airport Icons.png Airport Once captured by an engineer, the Tech Airport grants auto repair to its owner's aircraft.
RA3 Tech Hospital Icons.png Hospital When captured it slowly heals all infantry units of its owner.
RA3 Emblem Allies.png Allied Red Alert 3 Arsenal RA3 Emblem Allies.png
EotRS logo.png Imperial Red Alert 3 Arsenal EotRS logo.png
RA3 USSR logo.png Soviet Red Alert 3 Arsenal RA3 USSR logo.png
Tech Structures & Neutral Forces