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Bullfrog Transport open for business!
- Bullfrog

The KDB-2 Bullfrog is an amphibious anti-aircraft armored personnel carrier used by the Soviet Union in Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising.


Main article: Bullfrog/Profile

Designed by the Kazminov Design Bureau, the Bullfrog is an amphibious variant of the obsolete Flak track. It features a specialized version of its predecessor's flak cannon, which can track fast-moving aerial targets easily and fill the skies with a hail of metal fragments that can efficiently tear through fuselages and cockpits alike.

Its most unique feature, however, was the experimental CC98 Hlopushka Troop-Deployment System, colloquially known as the "man-cannon". As the name suggests, this device is capable of launching a full-grown man across roughly a thousand meters, where he can drop behind the front lines using a basic parachute pack. The Bullfrog also has accommodations for larger passengers, such as Tesla troopers and War Bears. Due to the air lock used to build sufficient pressure in the firing mechanism, however, once troops enter the Bullfrog, the only way to exit is to be launched-out.

The vehicle itself is rugged and maneuverable, guarding coastal territories well. Its all-terrain treads drop automatically as soon as the vehicle detects contact with solid ground, which helps make the Bullfrog relatively easy to operate. Bullfrog operators have been known to be enthusiastic and forthcoming during combat, even under duress. They tend to fill their supporting role on the battlefield with great pride.


RA3 Man Cannon Icons
Man Cannon The Bullfrog's Man cannon can launch infantry and terror drones over obstacles, over large areas and from the water, however, while parachuting down the infantry are vunerable to anti-air fire.

Game unit[]

The Bullfrog is a cheap and effective anti-air vehicle (and, in fact, the only one for the Soviets) and also served as an APC, carrying up to 5 troops at a time. The Hlopushka Man-Cannon allows it to shoot troops over considerable distances, bypassing enemy defenses. However, it is lightly armoured and defenseless against ground units, which means it cannot operate effectively without protecting forces, a weakness it shares with the Hydrofoil.

It should be noted that troops shot out by the Man-Cannon may be shot down in-flight with anti-air weapons, so care should be taken when using the ability.




  • Bullfrog Transport, open for business!


  • I will show you around!
  • Bullfrog is here for you!
  • Bullfrog transport!
  • Yes?
  • Who needs a ride?
  • I've got transport right here!
  • Where do you like to go?
  • How is everything?


  • Okay!
  • Moving!
  • I'm heading over!
  • You want it, you got it!
  • There? Of course!
  • No problem!
  • I'm on my way!
  • Here we go!
  • Whatever you say!

Moving to land[]

  • Let's me show you my nice treads!
  • You like dry land better eh?
  • Getting a little seasick?

Moving to water[]

  • The water is nice today!
  • We can go anywhere you like!
  • A little cruise?

Evacuates the passenger[]

  • Oh, so soon?
  • Okay, get ready!
  • Watch out for Anti Air!
  • Dasvidanya! (Russian for "Goodbye!")
  • So long!
  • We had a good time, yes?
  • Man cannons ready!


  • Another pest!
  • Leave it to me!
  • Ah, okay!
  • Down they come!
  • Good night!
  • Fire away!

Move to Attack[]

  • I'll take care of him!
  • Let me get a little closer!
  • They are no friends of mine!
  • I'll rid them for you!
  • They ruining business!
  • Don't like them? No problem!

In combat[]

  • They can't stay up forever!
  • What goes up must come down!
  • Hah, this is fun!
  • Pesky flies!
  • When will they learn?!
  • Keep them away!


  • Right, before is too late!
  • Let's go home!
  • A good rest area!

Under fire[]

  • Hey!? watch it!
  • It's not safe here!
  • They're damaging the Bullfrog!
  • We're getting shot up!
  • They are not so friendly!


  • An older version of the Bullfrog's icon is present in the game's files, which lacks the Man Cannon. This is most likely the early Bullfrog mentioned in the unit profile, which lacks amphibious capability.
  • In the Russian version, the Bullfrog is called the Goliath.



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