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For other uses, see Bunker.

Bunkers were basic but effective defensive structures deployed by Chinese generals during the GLA Conflict.


With the large number of infantry that the PLA fielded, it was perhaps only natural that they would deploy defensives that relied on them. Cheap and sturdy, the Bunker allowed infantry to defend the various PLA military installations across the globe while safe from attacks that would typically prove lethal.

Game Structure[]

The Bunker could be garrisoned with up to five infantry, protecting them against attacks that could normally clear garrisoned structures, though it could not protect them against Bunker Busters from Stealth Fighters and Neutron Shells from Nuke Cannons. EMP weapons have no effect on it, as it is a simple unpowered fortification. Depending on their troop composition, the Bunker can serve as an anti-infantry or anti-armor defense. The latter is much more important, as the Gattling cannon is ineffective against most vehicles. As with many other China structures, they could also be upgraded with Land Mines to stop enemy rushes.

Note that garrisoned infantry can fight under the effects of a Horde Bonus, but must be Horded before they enter to do so.


The Bunker's overall effectiveness depends on the troops inside. If filled with Red Guards or Mini-Gunners, they can't fight off vehicles, and Tank Hunters struggle to take down infantry. Enemy artillery units, such as the GLA SCUD launcher, can also outrange units inside it. To a lesser extent, Point-defense lasers also pose a threat, as they can destroy missiles fired by Tank Hunters. The five-man capacity is somewhat limiting as well, and multiple bunkers are usually necessary to create a truly effective defense.


Land Mine Land mine Deploy standard mines around the Bunker. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $600.
Neutron Mines Neutron Mines Upgrades mines to neutron mines, thus allowing them to kill vehicle pilots instead of destroying them. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $500. Requires Land mine to be installed.


Fortified Bunker[]

General Fai found the original design lacking for his specialized forces, and so designed a new version dubbed the "Fortified Bunker". Though ironically not any better armored than the original and slightly more expensive to build, it had double the capacity (ten) and, when paired with his elite men, were extremely lethal to nearly everything. Additionally, his were built with land mines pre-installed, and could be further upgraded with Neutron mines.

Vehicle Bunkers[]

Due to the success of the versatility of the freestanding structure, miniaturized versions were developed for installation on units, though the space that this required meant that it could only be fitted on the PLA's heaviest vehicles.

The Overlord tank and the Helix could be upgraded with a bunker, which added fire-ports and five infantry garrison slots to each. These bolstered each unit's already-impressive firepower, and could cover the abilities that each unit was lacking. These smaller designs lacked the protection from chemical weapons that its stationary version had, however, and left the infantry vulnerable to chemical-based attacks in the case of the Overlord. Although the Helix had no such limitation, it cannot protect any infantry inside in the event of its destruction.

General Shin Fai deployed a version of the Helix dubbed the Assault Helix, which had an increased carrying capacity but only allowed a Bunker upgrade in lieu of the typical three choices.



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