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Burning Skies is the penultimate mission in the Chinese campaign of Zero Hour.[1]


After an increasing number of Chinese victories begin to tally up, the demoralised GLA forces had no choice but to retreat from their strongholds occupying Europe. Chinese intelligence reported that most of the retreating GLA forces would be passing through the town of Haberstadt in Germany. A PLA army established a forward base just north of the town and prepared to intercept the retreating enemy.



As there were many entries and exits to and from Haberstadt, the Chinese troops were granted the use of the Helix helicopters to cover more ground. For additional firepower should the GLA counterattack, Nuke Cannons were also accessible (only for one granted at the beginning of the mission, as the player cannot construct War Factory). Even if one enemy unit managed to get away the mission would fail.

Five waves of GLA forces were pinpointed by Chinese intel, allowing the Chinese general to successfully cut off their escape routes and annihilate the enemy. Unfortunately intel could not pinpoint the routes of the last GLA wave splitting into two directions, forcing the Chinese troops to cover all the potential exits. However with the assistance of the Helixes and the fast-moving MiGs, they still managed to eliminate both waves.


The destruction of the retreating GLA forces had put the survival of the terrorist organisation on a knife's edge. Only one last GLA stronghold in Europe was still putting up fierce resistance against the US forces who were captured by the GLA near Hamburg.


In this mission, you cannot build vehicles, so use the air superiority. Build Helixes and upgrade them. Then position them in every wave's starting point. At the same time, capture all Tech Artillery Platforms, Oil Derricks, and Oil Refinery in the city. Garrison the buildings along the way and utilize the Supply Dock on the village proper.

Build Airfields, train Helixes, and MiGs to replenish lost ones.

Jarmen Kell

As a stealth unit, Jarmen Kell could possibly sneak past your forces and make his escape - not only that but Jarmen Kell is not included in the intelligence equation: you may be told that you have successfully stopped the wave only to lose ten seconds later. To counter this, you should position one of your two Troop Crawlers close to the exit the enemy convoy is headed for, preferably near one of the artillery platforms under your control. The Troop Crawler can spot the sniper, allowing a nearby Helix or artillery platform to finish him off. Helix upgraded with Gatling Cannon can use the cannon to detect stealth units, including Jarmen Kell, and can finish the hero off quickly.


  • This is one of the two missions in the entire Command & Conquer: Generals series where the player cannot build a War factory. The other being Guardian Angel.




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