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The Buzzer Hive is a Scrin anti-infantry structure. It releases swarms of Buzzers when approached by hostile ground units. The swarms will move towards the enemy units and attack them. They can be destroyed by enemy fire; the hive will immediately release additional swarms to replace any losses, up to a maximum of three independent swarms at any one time. When idle, the buzzers circle around the hive.

Game building

Buzzers released by the hive cannot be controlled by the player. The hive replaces its swarms at no cost. The hive can be built behind other units with the buzzers simply going around and attacking whatever comes within range. This will force units to have to go around whatever it is blocking their line of sight (unless facing walkers such as Titans or Avatars, since they can simply fire over buildings). The Buzzer Hive is the only base defense which actually produces a unit to defend itself, rather than using a projectile, which means it can be intercepted, but it's the most lethal anti-infantry base defense of the War.



  • Can kill any infantry unit with ease once its buzzers have made contact, even Black Hand flamethrower infantry, a difficult task for most anti-infantry defenses.
  • Capable of killing large numbers of infantry quickly due to the high rate of damage Buzzers have.
  • Buzzers can distract attackers allowing heavier defenses to destroy them with less chance of being targeted, making an infinite source of "cannon fodder".
  • Can be hidden behind buildings and obstacles to make it harder for opposing units to target.
  • Because Buzzers are able to clear garrisons, this makes the Buzzer hive the only base defence in the entire war that is able to do so.


  • Useless against even light vehicles in contrast with other factions' anti-infantry base defenses.
  • Commandos and other anti-infantry units can simply shoot the incoming Buzzers, killing them and leaving the Buzzer Hive without defense save for fellow Scrin.
  • Artillery and aircraft can attack from either out of range or with impunity.
  • Requires power. If there is insufficient power, the Buzzers 'die' and the hive becomes inactive until the base's power is brought back up online.
  • Less hitpoints compared to its GDI and Nod counterparts.



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