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Those buzzers! They're somehow attached to that walker!
- GDI infantryman observing the Buzzers surrounding an Annihilator tripod
CNCTW Buzzers Cameo

Buzzers are the basic infantry unit of the Scrin. They are small, fast and agile, but extremely fragile. They swarm enemies and kill using melee attacks.


Those darn buzzing things they're everywhere!
- GDI soldiers witnessing buzzers in Cologne, Tiberium Wars

As the Scrin were never encountered before 2048, little is known about them beyond the fact that they're far more advanced than anything humanity possesses. Dark matter cannons, Tiberium-based armor, and swarms of small, fast creatures that make a sort of buzzing sound, hence the name "buzzers."


Buzzers are one of the least understood Scrin units. Little is known about them other than they appear to be the aliens' basic infantry unit. And according to information gleaned from those fortunate enough to have survived an encounter, they are described as "swarms of tiny, hovering creatures with serrated bladelike bodies."

Indeed, they do have bladelike bodies with serrated edges sharp enough to slice through granite, making them absolutely lethal to anything organic. However, they aren't particularly resilient; a single shot will kill them, and a powerful enzyme dissolves their bodies almost the instant they die. Therefor, their inner workings are a total mystery. Observation of the creatures indicates that they possess a bladder filled with a lither-than-air gaseous substance that allows them to hover, and that their agility is the result of this gas being violently released through small ducts that branch out from this bladder.

However, several specimens have been retrieved from the battlefield. These are the ones that, for some unknown reason, the enzyme failed to activate and dissolve their bodies. They were dissected and it was discovered that their insides were little more than a gas bladder and a controlling brain. There was a small heart and the theory of ducts was found to be correct, and sensory organs just below the exoskeleton are believed to be their ability to locate and track targets. But that knowledge has failed to alleviate or lessen the dread felt by those who encounter them in battle.


Based on first-hand observation of these creatures, it's obvious that they work in swarms much like bees, wasps and hornets when their hives are threatened. They melee their enemies, meaning they use kinetic force and their available weapon (their bodies) to attack, and they can often kill in less than half a minute if the first blow isn't fatal. Other than that, there seems to be no social structure or hierarchy.


Buzzers are perhaps the most flexible and the most irritating unit in the game. They attack by swarming enemies and are small enough to go unnoticed in hectic battle situations, and because they lack any solid mass, they are notoriously difficult to direct and track. For human players, Buzzers are extremely difficult to manage and there are only a few ways to know of their presence:

  • Faint, consistent flashes of reflected light in one spot
  • Allied infantry seem to be firing and/or dying for no reason
  • Antipersonnel defenses seem to be firing at nothing
  • Sudden, unexplained clearing of allied garrisons
  • Allied infantry attacking Scrin vehicles from the rear are killed



  • Lethal to infantry; several swarms can attack one target
  • Can clear and garrison neutral structures
  • Can surround Scrin vehicles to provide antipersonnel defense
  • Very cheap and quick to train; also available via Support Power
  • Extremely fast and agile
  • Can only be crushed by Epic units


  • Weakest infantry unit in the game; can be killed by most other infantry units
  • Can only attack enemies in immediate vicinity
  • Defenseless against aircraft
  • Deals minimal damage to vehicles and structures (same damage type of the Sniper team and Shadow team
  • Difficult to manage as lack of solid mass makes them hard to locate



It was similar to Attack Dog as both have an instant kill infatry and melee range with the exception that the Buzzers could attack vehicles and structures, not able to detect a stealhed/disguised units and can clear and garrison neutral structures.


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