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The Command & Conquer: Red Alert Scenario Editor (short C&C-RAED, or RAED) is a fan made Red Alert map/mission making program. Its original author is unknown.

A later version 1.26 was released by Nyerguds, who edited the v1.25 exe file using disassember tools to make the program read new filename formats added by the Aftermath expansion.


It was designed to have features that were absent in the official map editor included with Red Alert (EdWin):

  • Placement of units and structures
  • Interior tileset
  • AI triggers for singleplayer maps

The 1.26 release from Nyerguds added these features:

  • Reading of map files with numbers beyond 100
  • Reading of map files with scmd#ea, scme#ea, scmf#ea etc filenames (Aftermath maps).
  • An updated program icon in high colours

Nyerguds released packs of RAED 1.26 which include some of the game's mix archives, allowing the editor to run "out of the box". Note that the game archives in the 'lite' release are stripped down to the minimum contents needed by the editor, meaning that overwriting these files in the game directory may lead to instability and crashing; this pack should be unpacked into a separate folder.

The packs with included files were created because RAED can't read mix archives saved without mix encryption, like the ones included in the First Decade and Ultimate Collection packs. Note that a later patch released by Nyerguds to clean up and compact the TFD/TUC 'main.mix' archive also reinstates the encryption, thereby fixing the RAED problem.


  • raed-lite.rar - A pack which contains v1.26 of RAED and stripped mix archives containing the bare minimum original Red Alert files to make it work.
  • raed_full.rar - A pack which contains v1.26 of RAED and all full mixfiles it needs to work, allowing it to be unpacked in the game folder.
  • raed-upgrades.rar - A pack containing the descriptions of the edits and the resources used to create the v1.26 version.
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