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C. Elena Renteria is the commander of ZOCOM in Kane's Wrath.[1]


Of Mexican descent, General Renteria was brought up in the Tiberium wastelands of Africa by her parents, who were scientists of GDI payroll. Eventually, she joined the organization and rose up in the ranks, becoming one of the first female commanders of the Global Defense Initiative.

She seems to have possessed a very self-aggrandizing personality, as witnessed by her autobiography, in which she described herself (in the third person) as "eminently qualified" and with a reputation as a "smart, no-nonsense battlefield commander".

Renteria is the leader of Zone Operations Command, a branch of the GDI military tasked with establishing "beachheads" within Red zones to allow reclamation efforts to commence and protecting existing reclamation operations from mutants and Nod forces.


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