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Knock! Knock!
- Tanya
We have a new addition to your arsenal
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C 4

C4, three seconds until detonation.

C4 or Composition C-4 refers to a plastic explosive which was often used to destroy enemy buildings quickly and efficiently. C4 was often utilized by commando forces because it was powerful as well as extremely stable - C4 could be dropped or hit without its exploding. Only an electrical charge, which could be provided by a blasting cap could cause it to explode. The primary detonation principle is by timer, though remote detonation is also possible.


Second World War[]

Chew on this!
- Tanya on the attack

C4 first entered widespread use during the Second World War. In this conflict, it was used exclusively to counter the thick, armored walls of structures, and was issued to the two infantrymen who were expected to close the distance between an enemy one: Engineers, and commandos Tanya Adams and Volkov. Engineers were equipped with limited stocks of C4 to efficiently blast their way to a structure's Master Control Terminal, whereupon they can interface with it and alter its allegiance. The Allies' Tanya and the Soviet Union's Volkov adopted a more destructive approach with their usage of C4, and instead planted it on critical points within the structure before detonating it, bringing down the entire structure.

Infantry equipped with C4[]

Third World War (first and second iterations)[]

Special delivery!
- Navy SEAL planting C4

Due to the explosives' convenience and successful track record, the usage of C4 became more commonplace. In the years leading up to the Third World War, the Allies' Navy SEALs were given similar training to Tanya, which included the usage of C4 on enemy structures. Both were either extensively trained to swim well or were equipped with suits with flotation properties, and their ability to plant C4 on water as well as land made them capable of strapping explosives to a ship and detonating it, instantly dooming the vessel to a watery grave.

During the Third World War's second iteration, caused by temporal manipulation after Yuri's near-successful attempt to subjugate the entire world, Tanya also appeared to have undergone a slightly different training regiment. While she retained her abilities to blast through structures and naval vessels, she was also trained to plant C4 charges on the undersides of tanks, exploiting the weak bottom armor to the fullest. Much like any ship that fell prey to her or the Navy SEALs' attention, the vehicle would suffer an instant death in a fiery explosion.

There also existed the blueprints for equipment for a unit known as the "Chrono Commando" deep within Allied databases. On the rare occasions that they were sighted, they appeared to possess the skills of a SEAL and the dexterity of a Chrono Legionnaire. These elusive men were equipped with C4 charges, like their SEAL counterparts, and when combined with the chrono pack that allowed them to quickly teleport around the battlefield, they were truly a sight to behold against an inadequately defended base. Unlike the more common SEAL, however, they could not swim, and thus could not sink ships with their charges.

Research in mixing the skill of Allied operatives and Yuri's psychic experiments yielded the Psi Commando, who could also demolish structures with C4 explosives. However, they lacked the speed of the aforementioned commandos, and were also incapable of swimming, which limited their charges' effectiveness in combat.

Infantry equipped with C4[]

Third World War (third iteration)[]

C4 coming through!
- Tanya planting C4 on a structure

The Allies' arsenal in the Third World War's third timeline appeared to have once again undergone radical changes. Among these were the elimination of Navy SEALs and their variants, whose role was once again consolidated into the Allies' returning commando, Tanya. As in the Third World War's second iteration, Tanya could and would plant C4 charges on structures, ships, and vehicles with zeal. Even the mighty Apocalypse Tanks - redesigned to become the ultimate war machine in armor, strength, and ability - were not safe from her.

Infantry equipped with C4[]

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