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CIA Agent
CIA agent (generals).jpg
Affiliation Usa.gif United States
Armament Machine pistol
Demolition charges
Protection Human Body Armor
Hit points 100
Cost 400
Build time 0:10
Ground attack 40 (Small Arms)
Speed 4
Attack range 125
Sight range 150
Abilities Set demo charge
Untrainable; available only in campaign
Operative, on the alert.
- CIA Agent

CIA Agents are undercover field operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency, active during the War against the GLA.


Agent here.
- CIA Agent

After U.S. intelligence traced the GLA scientist Dr. Thrax's funding to an Iranian oil field, three CIA operatives infiltrated the oil field in order to gather intelligence on the area. These operatives later assisted the American task force in destroying the GLA base there and cutting off their funding during Black Gold.

Game unit

What's the directive?
- CIA Agent

CIA agents are untrainable infantry units available only during the mission Black Gold. Their firepower is comparable to Burton's, so putting them in Humvees together with flashbang-armed Rangers could deal massive damage to light vehicles and infantry.

Assessment (if available)


  • Almost as good as Burton
  • Can use demo charges against structures
  • Lethal against infantry
  • Effective against light vehicles
  • Can fire through walls(!)


  • Available only in campaign
  • Fragile
  • Can be run down by friendly units before coming under the player's control
  • Vulnerable to heavy vehicles
  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Bombs can be cleared by worker units
  • Triggering remote demo charge immediately after deployment will likely kill unit unless they are moved to safety 
  • Not stealthed, unlike Colonel Burton.


Neutralizing target!
- CIA Agent
Gen1 Timed Demo Charge Icons.png Timed Demo Charge

Agent sets an explosive set to detonate in ten seconds.

Gen1 Remote Demo Charge Icons.png
Remote Demo Charge Agent sets an explosive that is detonated remotely.
Detonate Charges Agent detonates all remote charges he has set.

Selected Quotes

Agent here.
- When selected
Operative, on the alert.
- When selected
- When selected
What's the directive?
- When selected
Standing by.
- When selected
Move it!
- When moving
Let's go!
- When moving
- When moving
Got it!
- When moving
- When moving
Get 'em!
- When ordered to attack
There they are!
- When ordered to attack
Take 'em out!
- When ordered to attack
Don't let them get away!
- When ordered to attack
Neutralizing target!
- When ordered to attack


  • An Agent could be run down and killed (like a civilian) by friendly vehicles before he is recognized as a friendly unit.

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