An ancient stone tablet discovered beneath the Brotherhood of Nod's Cairo temple, displaying the murder of Abel

Am I my brother's keeper?
- Cain

In the mytho historical accounts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Cain ('Kayin' in ancient Hebrew and 'Qabil' in Arabic) was the eldest of the sons of Adam and Eve and the first murderer of the world.

Cain and Abel

According to Genesis, following humanity's expulsion from Paradise, Adam and Eve had two sons: Cain and Abel. God showed a greater favor towards Abel, a shepherd who had sacrificed his best lambs to God, then to Cain, a farmer who had only offered ordinary specimens from his crops. God thus accepted Abel's offerings but rejected Cain's. In an envious rage, Cain murdered his brother in an open field. Later, God tellingly asked Cain where Abel was. In a deliberate act of defiance, Cain answered: 'Am I my brother's keeper?' Upon this, God decreed the ground would no longer produce for Cain, and that he would exist in a state of perpetual wandering upon the Earth. Cain responded that his punishment was too great, and that anyone meeting him would kill him. God thus marked Cain, stating that any who harmed him would have sevenfold vengeance taken on them. Cain then departed in exile, heading to the Land of Nod, to the east of Eden.

Cain and Kane

And Kane went out from the presence of the Lord, and took up residence... in the Land of Nod!
- Nadia Zelenkov
17 Bonus Scene - Nod Splintered - Kane's Wrath Cinematics-0

17 Bonus Scene - Nod Splintered - Kane's Wrath Cinematics-0

The bonus cutscene from Kane's Wrath where Marcion references Abel's murder

With the quasi-religious nature of the Brotherhood of Nod, one can't avoid the similarities between the names of 'Cain' and 'Kane'. While it could be a coincidence, Nod's leader may be using the Abrahamic parable to further his image as a "prophet" figure. However, there are many in the Brotherhood who passionately believe that Kane is in fact none other than Cain/Kayin/Qabil. These Nod followers contend it is this which renders Kane seemingly an immortal, and that he now is the only person left in the world to have seen, and spoken to, God. This would explain Kane's unusually deep understanding of the nature of Man and the Earth, his apparent agelessness, as well as how he repeatedly survives his fatal injuries.

Nod artifacts discovered inside of a cavern complex deep below an ancient Temple of Nod in Egypt suggest a possible link between the Brotherhood and this religious tale. Whether Nod truly is thousands of years old or they merely have named themselves after the 'Land of Nod', to which Cain was exiled following Abel's murder, is unknown. Nothing has been confirmed either way on the matter, since the Temple where the artifacts were found was annihilated by the detonation of a nuclear device. However, Kane's original second-in-command during the First Tiberium War, Seth, seems another reference to the figure of Cain, as the third son of Adam and Eve also was named 'Seth'. Likewise, the Marked of Kane faction within the Brotherhood clearly draw their moniker from the biblical 'Mark of Cain'.

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